Rahman Safe in Italy

Plus: Baylor professor denied tenure, San Francisco officials call Christian rally "disgusting," and more articles from online sources around the world.

Some of this week's top stories:

1. Afghan Christian takes refuge in Italy

Abdul Rahman, who earlier this week was on trial for converting to Christianity from Islam, has been released and is now applying for asylum in Italy. Prosecutors dropped apostasy charges against him, saying they didn't have enough evidence (earlier this week Rahman was reported as saying, "I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe in Christ. And I am a Christian") and that he may suffer mental illness. The U.N. said it intervened in the case to ensure Rahman's rights and that Afghanistan did not want to ruin relationships with its backers in the West.

2. S.F. officials protest Christian youth rally

"They're loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting, and they should get out of San Francisco." That's what San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno told a crowd protesting against a Christian youth rally. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "Battle Cry for a Generation is led by a 44-year-old Concord native, Ron Luce, who wants 'God's instruction book' to guide young people away from the corrupting influence of popular culture." The Chronicle editorialized, "The irony was obviously lost on the clueless San Francisco supervisors when they passed a resolution warning that a Christian youth gathering could 'negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city.'"

3. Baylor prof. denied tenure

Francis Beckwith was denied tenure at Baylor University. Is this a hint at the direction in which the school is heading? Beckwith was one of several scholars brought in as part of the school's Vision 2012. Jody Bottum at First Things lists his accomplishments: "Author of several books, including a new volume forthcoming from Cambridge University ...

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Rahman Safe in Italy
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