March (Web-only) 2006

Box Office Bank RobbersSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics are impressed with Spike Lee's heist movie, Inside Man. Plus, reviews of Thank You for Smoking, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Stay Alive, and more reviews of V for Vendetta and Tsotsi.
Portman's Bald Head? Cool. Her Movie? Controversial.Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics review V for Vendetta with vim, vigor, and verve. Plus, reviews of She's the Man, Joyeux Noë l, and Find Me Guilty. And more raves for the most celebrated film of 2006 so far ...Sophie Scholl: The Final Days.
Sophie! Shaggy! Scary!Subscriber Access Only
Critics rave about a Christian hero for the ages: Sophie Scholl. Plus, reviews of Failure to Launch, The Shaggy Dog, The Hills Have Eyes, more thoughts on The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and a response to The Libertine.
Did Brokeback Kill the Western? Hardly.Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics praise The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, applaud 16 Blocks, and find Aquamarine "sweet." Plus, Night Watch, Ultraviolet, and Dave Chapelle's Block Party, and further reviews of The New World and Tsotsi.
Tsotsi, Madea, Doogal, & Other Funny NamesSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics praise Oscar-nominated Tsotsi, attend Madea's Family Reunion, condemn Running Scared, and kick Doogal out. Plus, more reviews of The Second Chance, Freedomland, The World's Fastest Indian in the World, and Eight Below.
Military Chaplains Don't Mind Prayer GuidelinesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Prayers of strangers don't help the sick, no out of state same-sex marriages in Mass., and more articles from online sources around the world.
How We All Think Like AugustineSubscriber Access Only
Take a mind-blowing journey with the great philosopher-saint in this audio course from the Teaching Company.
Ice Age: The MeltdownSubscriber Access Only
Full Gospel's Fractured ThinkingSubscriber Access Only
The problems with shunning the life of the mind.
Rahman Safe in ItalySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Baylor professor denied tenure, San Francisco officials call Christian rally "disgusting," and more articles from online sources around the world.
Our Anti-Intellectual HeritageSubscriber Access Only
The history and beliefs of the Pentecostal movement, often shared by evangelicals, hold the seeds of a bias against the life of the mind.
The Abortion Agenda: South Dakota's Move in ContextSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The latest on the biopolicy agenda and some outrageous lies on stem cells.
There IS Crying in BasketballSubscriber Access Only
If only we all had something so precious to weep about.
What's Next for Abdul Rahman?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Mary Winkler apologizes, CPT captives head home, the S.D. abortion wars and more articles from online sources around the world.
What Was CPT Doing in Iraq?Subscriber Access Only
The original vision of a peacemaker force from the man who started it.
Africa's Azusa StreetSubscriber Access Only
East Africa has experienced Pentecost continually for nearly 80 years.
Angels, Cowboys, and ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
From Wings of Desire to his most recent film, Don't Come Knocking, German director Wim Wenders takes viewers on spiritual journeys through differing perspectives.
Those Bleeping LyricsSubscriber Access Only
Christian artists have occasionally used strong language, and even the rare profanity, in their songwriting. Can that form of self-expression be reconciled with our faith?
Holiness ManifestoSubscriber Access Only
Leaders of historic Wesleyan Holiness denominations restate their doctrine for the 21st century.
Holiness Without the LegalismSubscriber Access Only
Ten denominations cooperate to revive their historic emphasis.
World's Eyes on Rahman CaseSubscriber Access Only
Plus: A former 'First Things' editor savages Neuhaus, murdered pastor's wife reportedly confesses, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Remaining Christian Peacemaker Hostages RescuedSubscriber Access Only
Plus: U.S. suspects Christian's faith phony but will offer another chance at asylum, the latest on the Afghan convert case, and other stories from online sources around the world.
A Complicated, Consequential LeaderSubscriber Access Only
Michael Kazin's recent biography of Williams Jennings Bryan introduces the 'Great Commoner' to a new generation.
Inside ManSubscriber Access Only
L'Enfant (The Child)Subscriber Access Only
Thank You for SmokingSubscriber Access Only
Pirates vs. BravesSubscriber Access Only
Reforming sports one city at a time.
Kiss and Tell the GospelSubscriber Access Only
Michael Penn explains what the early church meant by the "holy kiss."
The Mystery of the NumbersSubscriber Access Only
B&C's annual baseball preview, 2006 edition.
Judge Says Afghan Convert 'Must Get the Death Penalty'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: changes coding to please abortion activists, Pat Robertson's funding jumps, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Grooming Hollywood's New TalentSubscriber Access Only
Booted from a convent for thinking outside the box, Barbara Nicolosi moved to Hollywood and founded a successful program to mentor Christian screenwriters—some of whom have earned their big break.
Swept Away by DeMilleSubscriber Access Only
Since seeing The Ten Commandments as a young girl, Katherine Orrison has been a fan of the film and director Cecil B. DeMille, even writing a book about the making of the movie. Today, she provides commentary on a special new DVD release of the classic.
Worship Music Overkill?Subscriber Access Only
The praise-and-worship music craze has apparently worn out its welcome with many of our readers, who definitely agree that record labels shouldn't require their artists to do it.
Militants Besiege Mission in North IndiaSubscriber Access Only
Hindu nationalists crack down on ministry to poor, sick.
Two More RU486 Mother DeathsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Orthodox Church orders investigation, what seminarians really want, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Our Cloning Friends, the BritsSubscriber Access Only
The U.K. and disaffected American researchers lash out at U.S. cloning laws.
V for VendettaSubscriber Access Only
Kidnapped Quaker Activist Tortured, Killed in IraqSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Who pushed Boston's Catholic Charities out of adoptions? NYTMag on "wrongful birth" and conditional love, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Bjorn Again?Subscriber Access Only
It's been a while since tennis legend Bjorn Borg was in the news. Too bad he's back because he's selling his Wimbledon trophies.
Do Kids Have to Fight for Bibles?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Franklin Graham on 'Nightline'
Give It Away, Give It Away NowSubscriber Access Only
The mission of the church does need to be reclaimed from modernism, but we don't need postmodernism to tell us so—we have Scripture.
Community In, Not Of, CapitalismSubscriber Access Only
Our modern notions of money and possessions blind us to the reality that everything belongs to God and therefore our church community.
Failed Compromise on Gay RightsSubscriber Access Only
Dobson-backed bill scuttled by Left and Right.
After Shocking Defeat for U.K. 'Hate' Bill, Debate Goes InternationalSubscriber Access Only
Christian protests help deliver Blair rare loss.
Spiritual Fast FoodSubscriber Access Only
Reading God's Word need not take an eternity, say publishers of speedy Bibles.
Forcing the Church Books OpenSubscriber Access Only
One financial disclosure bill was killed in Massachusetts, but the debate lives on.
Weblog Bonus: Murder of a Phone Line EvangelistSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christian college applications and enrollment way up, Boston's Catholic Charities prefers no adoption to gay adoption, and other stories from online sources around the world.
'No Religious Motive' for 'Satanist' Arson SuspectsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: More than two dozen die in Uganda church collapse, Church of England's divestment called off, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Martyrs to the SpearSubscriber Access Only
Fifty years after five missionaries were murdered in Ecuador, their story still inspires.
Failure to LaunchSubscriber Access Only
The Shaggy DogSubscriber Access Only
Gay Rights Group Targets Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
Schools' responses to Soulforce's Equality Ride will vary widely.
Steroids 'R' UsSubscriber Access Only
It's not just Barry Bonds's heart that is desperately wicked.
To Be Happy in JesusSubscriber Access Only
Are evangelical Christians really happier than their neighbors?
Abortion Ban Exposes Competing StrategiesSubscriber Access Only
South Dakota hopes bill will topple Roe, but some pro-lifers lament the timing.
Presbyterian Court Rules Pastors Can Conduct Gay MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Forgiveness is not easy, South Dakota's abortion ban, and many other stories from online sources around the world.
From Ace to the AlmightySubscriber Access Only
Director Tom Shadyac, a Christian best known for his mega-hit Bruce Almighty, has come a long way since Ace Ventura. Here, we take a look at Shadyac's faith and films.
A Once Wayward Son Carries OnSubscriber Access Only
Former Kansas mastermind Kerry Livgren explored many of the world's religions before coming to Christ almost three decades ago—and he's remained on that path ever since.
A Pen in God's HandSubscriber Access Only
Richard Baxter wrote, preached, taught, and visited his way to become the model pastor.
Firecrackers at Basilica of the Annunciation Spark RiotSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Missouri's "majority religion" declaration, fighting over North Carolina's "Last Suppers," and other stories from online sources around the world.
16 BlocksSubscriber Access Only
AquamarineSubscriber Access Only
Joyeux NoëlSubscriber Access Only
U. Wisconsin Lifts RA Bible Study BanSubscriber Access Only
Plus: "New internationalist" evangelicals now the only internationalists, Alito's Dobson letter, and other stories from online sources around the world.
A Royal PainSubscriber Access Only
Following Kansas City's baseball team ain't easy ... but it builds character and perseverance.
The Truth, the Partial Truth, and Nothing but EvasionsSubscriber Access Only
How to sell unethical science.
Abortion Foes Say Ruling Removes 'Cloud' From ProtestsSubscriber Access Only
Supreme Court says racketeering laws don't apply to pro-life demonstrations.
Happy Ash Wednesday!Subscriber Access Only
Plus: "Patriarch of the West" no more, Orthodox Church in America scandal, and many other stories from online sources around the world.
The McPassion of the FilmmakerSubscriber Access Only
Rik Swartzwelder didn't like the way churches pitched The Passion from their pulpits a couple of years ago. So the young filmmaker made a biting satire about it—and you can watch it today.
Halos + LassosSubscriber Access Only

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Singing the Songs of Injustice
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