Style: Stadium-rocking worship

Top tracks: "Rise and Sing," "Everything Falls," "Promised Land"

In a nutshell: As worship leader at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Steve Fee writes songs for others to sing. And his band's fifth record, an energetic collection of full-bodied anthems, is corporate worship-ready. You can almost hear the roar of a Passion conference crowd in the first seconds of "Rise and Sing." New single "Glory to God Forever" is simple and hooky enough to translate into any church setting. And Fee's universal lyrics celebrate God's actions and attributes. But amid electric guitars and fast-paced rock melodies, the group mixes it up with the subdued "Everything Falls," an introspective look into human pain, and "Promised Land," wrapped in a techno vibe. These original touches complement a worship effort worth hearing—and singing.

Hope Rising
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
October 6, 2009
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