Style: Coffeehouse acoustic pop

Top tracks: "Come Thou Fount," "On the Outside," "Mighty God"

In a nutshell: While Jadon Lavik's hymns record, Roots Run Deep, nixed production for a more understated acoustic sound, his latest effort takes "stripped down" to a new level. Two vocals and two guitars are all you'll find on The Road, capturing fresh arrangements of eight fan favorites and two new songs ("Mighty God" and "Surrender"). The goal is to incarnate the Californian's live acoustic set, and he soars with hymns "Come Thou Fount" and "Wondrous Love," re-imagined with warm, folksy textures and intimate vocals, plus poignant renditions of "Father" and "On the Outside." More original tracks would be nice since Lavik's three records don't justify a "Greatest Hits" of sorts. But the treatment of his worshipful meditations sounds so natural, it's a good thing overall.

The Road Acoustic
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Release Date
October 20, 2009
BEC Recordings
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