The editors here at the CT women's blog are taking deep breaths after what has been a whirlwind month for the blog—and one that's seen plenty of thoughtful commentary from you, our readers. A quick glance at the most-read posts of the last 30 days reveals that stories centered on the family, sexuality, and health are those that you most want to talk about, and those that incite the most passionate response.

On that note, we aim to continue covering books, news, and ideas that are most pertinent to evangelical women. But because we have only so many eyes and ears, we need your help in knowing what those pertinent topics might be. So we encourage you to write Her.meneutics' editorial advisers, Katelyn Beaty, at kbeaty[at], or Sarah Pulliam Bailey, at spulliam[at] And in the month ahead, look for coverage of the ethical dimensions of in-vitro fertilization, coverage from sister website Kyria of the recent Christianity21 conference, and (fingers crossed) more guest blogging from Carolyn McCulley, author of Radical Womanhood and writer at a blog of the same name.

And now, in case you missed them the first time around:

(10) "Snakes, Spiders, and the Science of Gender," by Elrena Evans // Comments: 10
Why do women tend to be more afraid of creepy crawlies than men?

(9) "Redeeming Roman Polanski," by Alicia Cohn // Comments: 17
Looking for a Christian response to a child rapist with powerful friends.

(8) "Anne Graham Lotz, the Church, and Me," by Alicia Cohn // Comments: 12
Like Lotz, I've never doubted faith in Christ, but I have mightily doubted the goodness of church.

(7) "Signs of Faith in Sarah Palin's Book?," by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 20 Palin is writing her book with an evangelical ...

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