Style: Folk/Americana; compare to Ray Lamontagne, Griffin House, Rocky Votolato

Top tracks: "He Who Feeds the Ravens," "Holy Ghost Revival," "He Is Able"

Introducing worship music to Americana's folksy lilt, Josh White (Telecast) embeds his unpretentious indie song list with plucking acoustic guitars, poignant strings, and airy woodwinds. And though his kaleidoscope of acoustic instrumentation—blended with his smoky baritone—is a relevant tribute to modern music's folk revival, sweet sacred messages are Achor's most compelling component. Whether portraying a doubting Thomas in the bluegrass-leaning "Let Me See Your Hands" or God's gentle sympathy in the warm fellowship of "He Who Feeds the Ravens," White's acoustic folk provides fresh winds in the stale sails of modern worship.

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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
November 9, 2010
Bec Recordings
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