November (Web-only) 2010

No 'Blues' on This Happy SetSubscriber Access Only
With production well underway, the team behind the Blue Like Jazz movie is humbled and fueled by gratitude for those who funded the film.
Love Is . . .Subscriber Access Only
Murder YesterdaySubscriber Access Only
ReverieSubscriber Access Only
Progress Against AIDS FaltersSubscriber Access Only
Christians should make the moral case for sustaining aid programs.
The King's SpeechSubscriber Access Only
A rousing and inspirational drama about finding help and hope where you least expect it.
Pass the CasseroleSubscriber Access Only
Losing control over your eating—like, when you can’t cook after surgery for cancer—has a way of turning anxiety into gratitude.
Love and Other DrugsSubscriber Access Only
Romantic comedy is heavy on sex and light on substance.
TangledSubscriber Access Only
Thanks to expert storytelling and deep characters, Tangled is yet another touching and enchanting addition to the rich collection of Disney favorites.
More Than a MountainSubscriber Access Only
'Deep Down' plumbs theological divide on coal mining.
Little Town of BethlehemSubscriber Access Only
'Little Town of Bethlehem' puts a human face on Israeli-Palestinian relations.
Introducing the City HarmonicSubscriber Access Only
My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasySubscriber Access Only
Prodigal GodSubscriber Access Only
Pray for the Peace of SudanSubscriber Access Only
The World Evangelical Alliance's Geoff Tunnicliffe talks about efforts to ensure a fair and peaceful election in Sudan and calls for a world day of prayer for the safety of believers there.
Marriage in ObsolescenceSubscriber Access Only
Why recent headlines on marriage don't do the new Pew survey justice.
The Ethics of EarmarksSubscriber Access Only
As President Obama calls for an end to projects written into legislation, Charles Colson says banning pork projects is an ethical "no-brainer."
The Next Three DaysSubscriber Access Only
Despite an entertaining finale, Paul Haggis' latest asks us to leave logic and morals at the door.
Cool ItSubscriber Access Only
Provocative profile of a skeptical environmentalist.
Blessed Are the UnoffendedSubscriber Access Only
How can Christians communicate what we believe without being denigrating or inflammatory?
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 1Subscriber Access Only
Darker and slower paced than the other films, but an intriguing character study. Also: HP on Mars Hill.
IlluminationsSubscriber Access Only
Harry Potter on Mars HillSubscriber Access Only
How the popular series—the books and the movies—bridge the secular-sacred divide ... not to mention the conversational gap between parents and kids.
Mercy Speaks LiveSubscriber Access Only
And If Our God Is for Us ...Subscriber Access Only
UnstoppableSubscriber Access Only
Denzel Washington and Chris Pine catch a train.
Sarah Palin, TLC StyleSubscriber Access Only
A new TV show, starting Sunday, spotlights Alaska from the eyes of its former governor.
The Politics of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
When is it okay to bring the Bible into a political fight?
A Theology of WorkflowSubscriber Access Only
Matt Perman on how Christians should think about productivity.
Morning GlorySubscriber Access Only
A romantic comedy about the kooky world of morning news shows.
My Top 5 Movies on the HolocaustSubscriber Access Only
AchorSubscriber Access Only
Ø (Disambiguation) Subscriber Access Only
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2010Subscriber Access Only
The season's gladdest tidings in new holiday albums.
Why Conservatives WonSubscriber Access Only
Activists celebrate victories in Congress and in many statehouses.
Due DateSubscriber Access Only
Putting two great comedic actors together does not necessarily make a funny movie.
127 HoursSubscriber Access Only
A rewarding tale of survival, not for the faint of heart.
MegamindSubscriber Access Only
A superhero movie spoof about a not-so-super villain—and true heroism.
Boost Your Cultural IQSubscriber Access Only
Soong-Chan Rah calls for the American church to understand itself.
Pro-Life Democrats Ousted as Election Centers on the EconomySubscriber Access Only
Anti-abortion groups spent millions against supporters of healthcare reform bill.
When I'm with YouSubscriber Access Only
Black DubSubscriber Access Only
National RansomSubscriber Access Only
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . .Subscriber Access Only
With their fourth holiday album in 11 years, Point of Grace is in the Christmas spirit. We talked to Leigh Cappillino about their latest.
New Rules Worry Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
Government's solution to for-profit problems may threaten schools' autonomy.

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.