Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary
J. D. Greear (B&H)

Pastor J. D. Greear reflects on why, for many years, he found Christianity to be "wearisome," and on re-discovering the good news that God accepts us after Christ transformed him. Gospel challenges readers to obey, not out of guilt or mere duty, but out of a heart of love for the God who saves. In particular, Greear's thoughts on generosity steer a thoughtful course between legalistic asceticism and consumer visions of luxury. Following the lead of teachers like Timothy Keller, Greear seeks to ignite radical obedience to God's commands by rooting that obedience in God's radical grace.—Trevin Wax

Surprised by Oxford
A Memoir
Carolyn Weber (Thomas Nelson)

In Surprised by Oxford, Carolyn Weber recounts her journey from agnosticism to Christianity while studying at Oxford University. The result is a memoir with apologetic value, rich and varied personalities, and a dash of romance thrown in for good measure. Beautifully written, Weber's memoir is filled with prose that sings and paragraphs that beg to be read a second time. A delightful read.—Trevin Wax

The Triumph of Christianity
How the Jesus Movement Became the World's Largest Religion
Rodney Stark (HarperOne)

Rodney Stark, the acclaimed historian and sociologist of religion, has long specialized in debunking conventional wisdom. His decades of careful research, distilled into many lucidly written books, have illuminated Christianity's role in building Western civilization, and dispelled persistent myths about its alleged persecution of heretics, suppression of science, and mistreatment of women. In The Triumph of Christianity, Stark weaves together several themes from his previous works. The result is both a panoramic narrative of Christianity's historical progress and an excellent introductory resource for readers looking to plunge into Stark's copious writings.—Matt Reynolds

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