Style: Indie-modernized worship; compare to Audrey Assad, Jesus Culture, Brooke Fraser

Top tracks: "In This Forever," "I Call You," "You Are My Hallelujah"

Ethereal spaciousness and amped electric wash have long dictated Springer's anthemic worship discography. On Playlist, she takes her slow-build praise a step further, adding indie bells and whistles, stylistically-suited vocal flips ("In This Forever") and Feist-ish backgrounds ("Over I Go") to her already-hearty vocal mix (think a sensitive hybrid of Ashley Cleveland and Jennifer Knapp). Lyrically Playlist is more artful than most other modern worship, but those poetic allusions also create ambiguous meanings at times. But what Springer does best, she does beautifully—incorporating live worship's repetitive energy into oft-stagnant studio settings.

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Release Date
September 1, 2011
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