September (Web-only) 2011

Reports: Rob Bell Working on TV Show with Lost's Carlton Cuse
The author of 'Love Wins' is working on a show loosely based on his life story, reports suggest.
In Sherwood's best film yet, fathers are challenged to step up. PLUS: Churches partner for racial reconciliation, and a discussion guide for the movie.
This atypical cancer movie is like 'Beaches' meets 'Superbad'—poignant and crude, and ultimately compelling.
Take Shelter
Knockout film from Jeff Nichols uneasily speaks to our anxious existence.
'Unbroken' by Jesus
Louie Zamperini's life included Olympic races, torture, and starving on shark-infested waters, but the real thrill was a 1949 Billy Graham crusade.
Good News: Jesus Is Not Nice
The chaos of grace and the grace of chaos.
Nichole Nordeman
Veteran singer/songwriter steps into the shoes of Bible heroes for 'The Story' album.
The Vices and Verses of Switchfoot's Jon Foreman
The Switchfoot frontman on winning a Grammy, songwriting, and their new album.
Vice Verses
'(Music Inspired By) The Story'
The Whole Love
Spirit Walk
The Journey
This Time Around
The Cymbal Crashing Clouds
Ben & Jerry's 'Schweddy Balls' and Scatological Humor
Why I'm not joining 'one million moms' in a boycott.
Why I No Longer Pray for a Husband
Lessons in longing, hunger, and trust.
Dolphin Tale
Though overly schmaltzy, this is still a cute and inspiring true story for the whole family.
An outstanding film about baseball, endurance, cultural change, and taking the long view.
Machine Gun Preacher
The gritty and challenging story of a real-life Christian and his quest to serve God, by any means necessary.
A Whale of a Tale
The remarkable creature—and the man of faith who took her in—behind 'Dolphin Tale.'
Chaplains Watch and Wait after DADT Ends
Some chaplains are more cautious than others as the military lifts the ban on gays and lesbians from serving openly.
Real, Authentic Authenticity
It's an attribute that disappears as soon as it's intentionally sought.
Southern Baptist Convention Considers Name Change Again
Task force will discuss whether regional moniker is a barrier to attendance.
John Piper: I Was Racist
How the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church went from a self-described racist to an adoptive father of an African American. An excerpt from 'Bloodlines.'
Defending the Defenseless
Kathy Bates helps the least of these in 'Harry's Law'.
Coming Home after Hurricane Irene
The place where our family played, worked, and fell in love for nearly 100 years was destroyed. So it's not "just a house."
Sneaking Past Dragons
Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue takes his lyrical cues from C. S. Lewis.
Major / Minor
Ghosts Upon the Earth
The Reckoning
The Love In Between
The Playlist
The Great Awakening
This May Be My Last Time Singing
One Song at a Time
Chaz Bono Brings Transgender Issues to TV
His appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' brings gender issues to the national spotlight, eliciting consternation and praise. How will Christians respond?
Ryan Gosling as a pro driver in an artsy—and hyper-violent—film noir that’s more style than substance.
Welcoming Doubt to Christian Education
Reflections on the Cardus Education Survey from a department chair at the world's largest evangelical university.
Pat Robertson Repudiates the Gospel
The broadcaster's advice to divorce an Alzheimer's patient is more than an embarrassment.
Abstinence is Not Rocket Science
Actually, it's simply a matter of obedience.
'Crazy, Bizarre, and Wonderful'
Such is the world of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival of 2008, as depicted in new documentary.
Seeing in the Dark
Singer/songwriter Jason Gray likes to ponder life's challenges ... and then sing about it.
A Way to See in the Dark
When the Stars Burn Down
American Goldwing
A Creature I Don't Know
Another Realm
Every Falling Tear
The Old Magic
In the Grace of Your Love
Not Myself Anymore
Mold Me EP
Why Singles Need Married Friends
Instead of looking to celebrity couples to uphold our marital ideals, we should look to real couples in our midst.
Evangelicals Hold Pessimistic Views of the Economy
A recent poll suggests the dire outlook may be attributed to more than just religious views.
How Heather Mercer's Hostage Stint Turned into Global Hope
After 9/11, the missionary's ten-year journey leads from the Taliban to Iraqi Kurdistan.
The Sin Behind My Swearing
Cussing out the didgeridoo in front of 5 kids only illuminated a bigger problem.
This story of forgiveness and redemption wins us over with its big heart and strong performances.
Frighteningly real, this well-acted biological disaster thriller makes us ask, "What if?"
Mia: Men Who Don't Use Pornography
For a new survey on prostitution, researchers had a hard time finding men who don't buy sex, whether embodied or digital.
Myths and Reality TV
Real housewives and toddler beauty pageants reveal the truths—ugly and beautiful—of human nature.
Inside the Heart of an Animal Hoarder
When a love for pets goes terribly awry.
Seeds We Sow
The Sounds of Daniel Bashta
You Are Love
Death Cab: Existential Contentment
How a band progressed from nihilism to hope ... but hope in what?
My Husband's Affair - with the Church
My Husband's Affair - with the Church
Eileen Button's 'The Waiting Place' describes a marriage complicated by a pastor's overcommitment to his congregation.
Seven Days in Utopia
The life lessons of this allegedly inspirational film are undermined by its clichés. PLUS: Interview with Christian actor Lucas Black.

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What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
Evangelicals tend to assume our sexual ethic is deeply unpopular. But the wind may be shifting as thought leaders increasingly declare Christianity a cultural asset.

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