Style: Traditional hymns; compare to Sandra McCracken, Patty Griffin, Indelible Grace

Top tracks: "O Come Angel Band," "The Unclouded Day," "Softly and Tenderly"

When not writing music reviews for Christianity Today, Greer is a Nashville singer-songwriter, and on this sophomore album he surrounds himself with a gaggle of talented musicians (McCrary Sisters, Sandra McCracken, Ron Block, Cindy Morgan, Sonya Isaacs) to flesh out 11 hymns and an original. Greer has an unusual and versatile vibrato, pushing at times into jazzy, almost Billie Holiday territory, and other times evoking southern gospel. It's fitting that Angel Band skips across genres, from the down-home bluegrass feel of "The Unclouded Day" to the orchestral "I Am Thine, O Lord." It's tough to beat the songwriting in a good hymn, and though the arrangements don't perfectly fit every tune, the stylistic diversity is welcome and nicely showcases Greer's voice.

Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions
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Release Date
January 31, 2012
MA'M Recordings
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