January (Web-only) 2012

Old IdeasSubscriber Access Only
Angel Band: The Hymn SessionsSubscriber Access Only
God, Love & RomanceSubscriber Access Only
Beatrix RunsSubscriber Access Only
The KingdomSubscriber Access Only
Man on a LedgeSubscriber Access Only
A lackluster heist film with too many plausibility issues.
The GreySubscriber Access Only
A chilling adventure that builds to a compelling climax of faith vs. faithlessness.
We Need to Talk About KevinSubscriber Access Only
A horror story about parenting, asking what is, and isn't, beyond our control.
Albert NobbsSubscriber Access Only
A powerful character study that transcends its trivial subject matter for deeper truth.
Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong PlacesSubscriber Access Only
Why do we want to see God’s face when it’s only going to kill us?
Masculinity in the MoviesSubscriber Access Only
On the big screen, Christian men are rougher and tougher than ever.
Critics' Choice Movie Awards of 2011Subscriber Access Only
A mix of Oscar favorites and little-known indie films makes up our annual list. PLUS: Macho Christians in the movies.
Interview: Bruce CockburnSubscriber Access Only
The veteran artist on longevity, war zones, and why he believes Christians can cuss.
VoyageurSubscriber Access Only
Human AgainSubscriber Access Only
Where I Find YouSubscriber Access Only
ProvincialSubscriber Access Only
The Loft SessionsSubscriber Access Only
Clear Heart Full EyesSubscriber Access Only
BelieveSubscriber Access Only
The Business of Religion vs. JesusSubscriber Access Only
Sorry, but you can't reconstruct a stripped down, organic, anti-corporate version of what you think Jesus should be.
The Flowers of WarSubscriber Access Only
There's a compelling story hidden somewhere in this overlong, too graphic war film.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseSubscriber Access Only
An emotionally arresting meditation on what happens after tragedy, with no easy answers.
HaywireSubscriber Access Only
Stylish spy thriller is all fight but little punch.
Red TailsSubscriber Access Only
This movie about high-flying African-American pilots during World War II goes down in flames.
A Spanish Service Is Not Enough: It's Time to Feed the 'Hellenized Latinos'Subscriber Access Only
Spanish-speaking ministry models are designed to preserve the preferences of the foreign born.
The Most Redeeming Films of 2011Subscriber Access Only
Quiet, contemplative movies top the list. So put the popcorn down and pay close attention.
Interview: Michael W. SmithSubscriber Access Only
He's 54, a grandpa, and has been making music for three decades. But Smitty isn't slowing down one bit.
If It Leads Me BackSubscriber Access Only
RevealSubscriber Access Only
Which Side Are You On?Subscriber Access Only
When 'Effectiveness' Is Not EffectiveSubscriber Access Only
In Haiti, we have to trust that our labor is not in vain.
ContrabandSubscriber Access Only
When a violent drug dealer threatens his family, a former smuggler agrees to do one last job.
Joyful NoiseSubscriber Access Only
Gospel meets Glee in this choir-filled film, but it's hard to find anything worthy of praise.
Why the Bible is Not a Book of Moral LawsSubscriber Access Only
Contrary to popular belief, it's the startling gift book.
The Trouble with Ed Young's Rooftop SexperimentSubscriber Access Only
Yes, the church needs to talk more about sex. But pastors may need to talk about it less.
Church Wins Firing Case at Supreme CourtSubscriber Access Only
Unanimous decision in closely watched case strengthens "ministerial exception."
Clothing Matters
Clothing Matters: What We Wear to ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Why what we put on may be more important than we think.
Service Is Not Scandal: Responding to Mark NollSubscriber Access Only
Why it's good that evangelicals have not, and likely will not, develop an "evangelical mind."
Interview: David Crowder's Last WordsSubscriber Access Only
As DC*B releases its final album, we talked to the bandleader about calling it quits.
Give Us RestSubscriber Access Only
GoSubscriber Access Only
Saint Timothy'sSubscriber Access Only
Q & A: Jimmy Carter on his Faith-Filled Presidency Subscriber Access Only
How Christianity played a role in the former President’s office.
Paul Simon: 'God Comes Up a Lot in My Songs'Subscriber Access Only
The legend on spirituality in his music, on evangelicals, and a memorable conversation with John Stott.
O Tenenbaums, O TenenbaumsSubscriber Access Only
A decade after its release, Wes Anderson's 'Royal Tenenbaums' still strikes emotional gold.
Q & A: Mark and Grace Driscoll on Sex for the 21st-Century ChristianSubscriber Access Only
The Seattle couple talks to CT about their new book on marriage.
ForevermoreSubscriber Access Only

Top Story April 10, 2020

Seeing My Child Face Death Made Me Rethink the Passion
Seeing My Child Face Death Made Me Rethink the Passion
The Cross secured our salvation. But Jesus’ fate still breaks the Father’s heart.