Style: Folk-pop with a pinch of emo; compare to Sara Watkins, The Civil Wars, Plain White T's

Top tracks: "Clean Getaway," "Fallin'"

With pitch-perfect harmonies and a marketable look, the Puckett sisters—Shealeen, 21, and Elle, 19—could easily court big-time producers to make backing tracks and write their songs. Fortunately, the Albuquerque duo writes its own songs, and on Poema's debut full-length, the sisters embed each one with a sweet, hummable hook. The Pucketts sound quite young, too, sometimes to their teen-pop detriment. But often it works; the duo revels in the wide-eyed wonder of youth. While many of the tracks are standard love songs, the worship anthem "Your Song" reveals the Pucketts' faith: "I will sing just for you / Let it ring and bring joy to you, only you."

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Remembering You
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 11, 2012
Tooth & Nail Records
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