Streaming Picks

Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon's modern take on the Shakespearean classic comedy, is newly available on Netflix streaming. For a throwback to a young Johnny Depp, check out the 1990's cult classic Cry Baby now streaming on Netflix. Our classic pick of the week, the original Cheaper by the Dozen, doubles as a substitute for a family favorite and is also available on Netflix. And if your family is looking for something a little more current, Saving Mr. Banks, the new instant classic starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, is now available on Amazon Prime.

Critics Roundup

Critics are split on the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore rom com mash-up Blended, but in both camps, the good intentions of the film do not go unnoticed. Most critics are merely upset due to the downturn of Sandler's once comedic genius seen in his other two collaborations with Barrymore. According to the Associated Press over at NPR, "Some of us are old enough to recall a time when Sandler made movies that were authentically funny, and didn't merely earn laughs by reminding people of their most puerile instincts." Despite the cheap and at times risqué jokes made throughout the film, Adam R. Holz of Plugged In admits, "Sometimes a movie works so well emotionally that you just can't remember how many nasty content issues it has. Or, if you do remember, you're tempted to minimize them."

ABC's mid-season television addition Mind Games follows the suspenseful story of two brothers (Christian Slater and Steve Zahn) and their understanding of the human mind. Crosswalk's Glenn McCarty likens the "zip-quick dialogue and oddball characters" to that of J.J. Abram's ...

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