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Robert Morris Resigns from Gateway Following Past Abuse Allegations
While the Texas megachurch said it “did not have all the facts” about Morris’s earlier misconduct, the woman who spoke out said she had informed its leaders years ago.
전 세계적으로 동아시아인은 종교를 가장 많이 떠났지만 여전히 영성 유지합니다
홍콩, 한국, 일본, 대만, 베트남의 성인 10,000명 이상을 대상으로 한 퓨 설문조사에서 기독교인과 불교도의 신앙 및 관습과 다른 전통에 대한 선호도를 조사했습니다.
Died: Disgraced Southern Baptist Leader Paul Pressler
The Texas judge behind the political strategy for the “conservative resurgence” molested and assaulted teenage boys, according to allegations eight men made in court.
East Asians Leave Childhood Religion Most in World, but Remain Spiritual
(UPDATED) Pew survey of more than 10,000 adults in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam examines Christians’ and Buddhists’ beliefs, practices, and affinity to other traditions.
Sunday Silence: Gateway Church Doesn’t Tell Congregation About Historic Abuse Allegations
According to the Texas megachurch, founder Robert Morris properly disclosed his misconduct and has had “no other moral failures” since he touched a child in the 1980s.
¿Por qué la reforma contra el abuso sigue encontrando obstáculos entre los bautistas del sur?
Líderes y defensores agradecen el apoyo de la convención, pero se sienten frustrados ante su aparente incapacidad de llevar sus planes a la práctica.
PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
The author of the bestseller died last year. The investigation will determine if the book is appropriate for Christians.
Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Abortion Pill Challenge
Pro-life doctors had argued the drug isn’t safe. Now Christians are looking for other ways to engage on the issue.
Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
From a wider slate of six candidates, president Clint Pressley takes the “strange honor” of leading the convention’s growing factions toward missional unity.
Why Does Southern Baptist Abuse Reform Keep Hitting Hurdles?
Leaders and advocates are grateful for the convention’s support but frustrated at the inability to enact their plans.
Tony Evans se afasta do ministério alegando um pecado do passado
Ele disse que se submeterá ao “padrão bíblico de arrependimento e restauração”.
Tony Evans se aparta del ministerio. Culpa un pecado del pasado
El primer afroamericano en publicar tanto una Biblia de estudio como un comentario bíblico completo con su nombre dijo que se someterá a la «norma bíblica del arrepentimiento y la restauración».
Tony Evans se met en retrait du ministère en invoquant un ancien péché
Le premier Afro-Américain à avoir publié une Bible d’étude et un commentaire biblique complet à son nom a déclaré qu’il se soumettrait à la « norme biblique de repentance et de restauration ».
Tony Evans Steps Away from Ministry, Citing Old Sin
The first African American to have both a study Bible and a full Bible commentary bearing his name said he will submit to the “biblical standard of repentance and restoration.”
Some Churches Call Clergy Sexual Misconduct an ‘Affair.’ Survivors Are Fighting to Make It Against the Law.
Advocates push for legislation criminalizing sex between ministers and those they spiritually guide.
Southern Baptist Digital Hymnal Gets Saved
Worship leaders convince curriculum company of the value of lifewayworship.com.
Wafat: Jürgen Moltmann, Teolog Pengharapan
Seorang tentara Jerman yang dijumpai Kristus di kamp tawanan perang, kemudian ia menjadi seorang cendekiawan Kristen terkenal yang mengajarkan bahwa “Tuhan menangis bersama kita agar suatu hari nanti kita dapat tertawa bersama-Nya.”
Indian Christians Relieved as Election Results Limit Hindu Nationalists
With Modi’s BJP denied an outright majority in parliament, church leaders credit prayer movements and hope the restoration of coalition politics will protect religious minorities.
逝世:盼望神学家于尔根·莫特曼(Jürgen Moltmann)

Top Story June 20, 2024

‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
A new movie from Deaf Missions tells the gospel story in American Sign Language.

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