The Unexpected Defenders p. 34

Thanks for highlighting women who have indeed been gifted by the Holy Spirit to teach and defend the faith. They are carrying on the tradition of women who taught and led authoritatively throughout Scripture. I imagine Priscilla, Junia, Hulda, Deborah, and Phoebe are smiling within that great cloud of witnesses.

JM Smith
Disciple Dojo,

Appropriate since women were the first to share the news of the Resurrection!

Maurine Frost, Facebook.

Thank you for your excellent cover story highlighting women in apologetics: a truly worthy subject and a valuable and inspiring resource. In fact, I would consider it an unmitigated triumph, except for one irksome word: unexpected. My mind goes to early church martyrs Felicity and Perpetua; to Lady Jane Grey, a teenager who defended her Protestant faith against much older Catholic experts and died gruesomely because of it; to Dorothy L. Sayers, a participant in the famed Oxford Inklings; to British Catholic philosopher G. E. M. Anscombe, who famously debated and beat C. S. Lewis; and indeed countless others.

Women who defend the faith are nothing new. Perhaps intrepid or fierce would fit better than unexpected.

Elizabeth Glass Turner, Facebook.

It is gratifying to see Nancy Pearcey finally getting the national media attention she deserves. There are scores of young Christian journalists scattered in newsrooms around the country whom Pearcey has taught cultural apologetics. American journalism is better because of her.

Robert Case, Founding Director
World Journalism Institute

The Oxford Revivalist p. 42

Oxford’s Unapologetic Female Apologist—inspiring other women to step into their calling. Thanks @amyorrewing.

Cass ...

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