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June 2015
Volume 59, Number 5
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Table of Contents
Formed by War
Combat wounds the soul, but the gospel offers hope.
The testimony of a former anti-Muslim combat junkie.
How spiritual communities can tend the hurting souls of veterans.
More small churches are joining big ones in order to keep their doors open. Can multisite congregations grow without treating congregations as little more than real estate?
Though unseen and unheard, he orchestrates the details of our lives—even when they are falling apart.
The theologian's career has been about helping Christians play their part in the great divine story.
The New York Times columnist asks what it takes to build character in a 'Big Me' culture.
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A Second Chance for Elijah Gabriel
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our June issue).
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue).
A new method cuts Bible translation to 2 months. Is that too fast?
The biggest difference between old and new hymns isn't Trinitarian theology.
Government removes crosses from ‘China’s Jerusalem.’
Can We Declutter Our Way to Christ?
On the minimalism trend and the allure of living with less.
The Israelites were never subject to withholding upward of 15 percent.
We have forgotten the Bible’s rich language for loving the church.
How Dante's Poetry Rescued Rod Dreher from Despair
The popular blogger leaned on 'The Divine Comedy' when his world was falling apart.
Gregory Wolfe chooses works that can bring you back from the abyss.
Why is anxiety such a stubborn feature of modern life?
Six years later, 'When Helping Hurts' is still shaking up the church’s approach to charity.
It’s not always about self-aggrandizement.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
In Every Issue
Hidden Casualties
How to see and serve veterans this summer.
Readers respond to the April issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
Everyone thought I couldn't hear them, but I did.
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
Other than God and people, they’re the most mentioned living thing in the Bible.