Moore on the Margins, p. 30

I read the article in its entirety and have a greater respect for Russell Moore. As we see American culture change swiftly to one that mirrors the Roman Empire, the biblical truth that we are exiles and strangers from our heavenly home rings truer and louder than ever.

It was the belligerent, crass approach of the late Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority that made me leave evangelicalism for liberal Christianity when I went away to college. I would be an atheist today if not for Christian classmates who practiced the kind of biblical faith that Moore does.

Rich Rodriguez (Facebook)

Honolulu, Hawaii

I’m 87% sure @drmoore is our Obi-Wan Kenobi.

@ChadPoe (Twitter)

A Necessary Refuge, p. 27

As I read Christena Cleveland’s column, I was cut to the heart by the stories of how white people (Christians) had inflicted serious emotional pain and disgrace upon Cleveland and her sibling at a Vacation Bible School at a predominantly white church. I wept over the misunderstandings, poor treatment, and all around prejudice that tainted her views of the predominantly white Protestant churches in America. I feel strongly that this emotional chasm must be addressed in the church before Jesus returns.

As a representative white person, I want to humbly ask black Christians for forgiveness, for the despicable way some white people have treated Cleveland and her friends and family members. Please be patient with others—whites, Latinos, etc.—as we look for ways to build bridges and to let the healing begin.

Thomas A. Henley III

What hope is there for racial reconciliation if the experts tell us that “anti-black racism [is] part of the DNA of the white American church”? Is ...

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