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November 2015
Volume 59, Number 9
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Table of Contents
How Christians Can Flourish in a Same-Sex-Marriage World
By many accounts, orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can live well—not vanish—in a time of retreat.
There is a model for cultural engagement that doesn't depend on power and privilege.
Our culture is radically rejecting Christian faith; our response must be radical, too.
Our cultural influence begins with faithfulness to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ.
My expertise in philosophy did not give me the answers I needed.
How I discovered God's plan to reach a lost and sinful world.
The missions agency of the largest US Protestant denomination faces a $21 million deficit. Could it spell the end of the full-time missionary?
Tiny Homes with a Heart
A snapshot of Christian witness in the world (as it appeared in our November issue).
Important developments in the church and the world.
Eastern Mennonite U and Goshen College leave CCCU, rather than cause more dissension.
With relaxed travel rules, Cuban leaders wonder whether Americans will dampen their churches’ zeal.
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How the refugee crisis makes for a beautiful gospel witness.
If you don’t have to relinquish some power, then it’s not really it.
The Bible doesn’t explicitly say. Here is how I have come to answer.
Terry Lindvall leads a tour of irreverent poems, bathroom jokes, and other running gags of religious satire.
From Screwtape to Swift, Terry Lindvall recommends books that tickle the funny bone—and prick the conscience.
How we imitate Christ by practicing the art of listening.
The former senator and United Nations ambassador says religious people should be the leading voices for political compromise.
Yes, dcTalk’s defining album has some truly cheesy moments. But 20 years later, it’s still just really good.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds
In Every Issue
Why we have hope for the church in a rapidly changing culture.
Readers respond to the September issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
And all because a stranger got in my face to explain the gospel.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”