I still get excited when @CTmagazine hits our mailbox. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive look at the Christian landscape.


The Museum of the Bible’s Balancing Act

These exhibits sound remarkable. I hope they get a lot of traffic. It sounds really cool to learn the history behind these things and to actually feel like you are in Jerusalem, where Jesus walked. Technology can sometimes be a good compromise to experience such things.

Melissa Sanderson-Brown

As a longtime CT subscriber, I feel right in step with the magazine’s mission. I also believe in the mission of the new Museum of the Bible (MOTB). So I think Martyn Wendell Jones’s feature story on the MOTB is a little too skeptical of this new attraction that has the potential to persuade millions of people to at least take the best-selling book of all time seriously. I understand the fine line the Greens and others who created the museum are walking in not being too evangelical or politically conservative and at the same time not evangelizing enough. Jones’s story addresses controversial aspects of the MOTB, which is fine, but it just seems more cynical than CT should be. Maybe the magazine’s cover bothered me the most: Using an image of “The Bible Under Glass” is a misrepresentation of an institution that already has serious research underway and new Bible curricula being used in the United States and Israel.

Mike Haynes Amarillo, Texas

What to Do With Statements and Confessions

As someone who frequents Celebrate Recovery meetings, I fail to see the aptness of Mark Galli’s comparison between a believer who identifies as an alcoholic and a gay Christian. When someone stands up in a Recovery meeting and says, ...

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