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March 2019
Volume 63, Number 2
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Table of Contents
Saving Retirement
Growing old is not what it used to be. For millions of retirees, that may actually be good news.
Dowling Park was a retirement community built around widows and orphans. A century later, it’s a model for intergenerational ministry.
Science seeks to fix aging and death. But a Christian vision of the good life might actually embrace them.
A growing group of Jews who believe in Jesus is crossing boundaries to revive their identity and restore unity in the church.
Schools and scholars can help the Christ-centered movement become all the more Jesusy.
Small Town Pastors See More Than Small Wonders
Rural ministry is experiencing a resurgence in the US even as economic and demographic numbers continue their decline.
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our March issue).
Christians explore how ecological work can support the gospel mission.
Gen Z’s digital natives bring followers along for the experience.
How to Jump Back In to Bible Reading
Christian leaders have their own reasons for not reading Scripture.
Light is more than a symbol of God’s truth. It’s a tangible reminder of his love for us.
What we learn about Bible figures from the clothing they put on, take off, and tear apart.
If You Think You Have God Figured Out, You Definitely Don’t
Despite our best efforts to understand his ways, he won’t be bound by our tidy notions of divine etiquette.
More and more, says scholar Monique Ingalls, it permeates nearly every sphere of evangelical life.
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Some revere Jim Elliot and his friends as martyrs. Others revile them as oppressors. Both sides have an incomplete picture.
Reading his book is like enjoying a cup of tea with a wise elder statesman.
When we don't confront sin, in others and in ourselves, we commit spiritual malpractice.
In Every Issue
Our March Issue: No Senior Moments, Please
Aging, weakness, and … hey let’s talk about something else!
Responses to our December issue.
How I found a power greater than the white powder that enslaved me.
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
He asked me how I knew my faith was true. I couldn’t give a compelling answer.