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Save the Planet. Read Nature Fiction.
As an ecologist, I believe that works of literature draw us closer to God and deeper into creation care.
Love, Joy, and Peace Are a Package Deal
Don’t ignore their ordering in Paul’s passage on the fruit of the Spirit.
Making Haste Slowly in Our Walk With God
In these hurried times, Christians are called to a steady journey of faith.
The Bible Is Literature. It’s Also Your Boss.
We owe to Scripture something we don’t owe any other book: our obedience.
Orang-orang yang Tuhan Utus, Dia Rendahkan Terlebih Dahulu
Yesaya 6 memenuhi saya dengan semangat untuk mengubah dunia. Namun saya perlu memperhitungkan seluruh bagian perikopnya.
I Met God on the Mountaintop of Ritual
How liturgy can lead to an encounter with the Lord.
Beth Moore: When I Was a Stranger in the SBC, Anglicans Welcomed Me
How the acclaimed Bible teacher found a new church home.
The Bible Gives Investors Like Me a New Perspective on Risk
If we believe all that God promises, we won’t always opt for playing it safe.
Go Ahead, Waste Your Time Reading
You won’t remember most of it, but that was never the point.
The Image of God in ‘Invisible Man’
Ralph Ellison’s novel depicts the quest for personal dignity in a society determined to deny it.
Jesus Was a Brown Baby
This children’s Christmas book paints baby Jesus in a new (or rather ancient) light.
Love in a Time of Social Conflict
The cross calls us to sacrificial community, especially during a divided age.
The Evangelical Bubble Needs a Doorway
We can protect our deepest convictions without closing ourselves off.
Pour revêtir l’armure de Dieu, il faut se défaire de l’armure du Moi
Thérèse de Lisieux nous enseigne à retrouver une foi d’enfant et à cesser de barricader nos vulnérabilités.
Don’t Let Missions Fall Prey to ‘Genericide’
By broadening the concept of “missional” activity, are we diluting our focus on the core of the Great Commission?
‘Envíame a mí’: una lección de humildad
Isaías 6 me llenó de un celo capaz de cambiar el mundo. Pero necesitaba considerar todo el pasaje.

Top Story June 1, 2023

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Asian Girl Name
How did a name the Puritans made popular take off in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese immigrant circles?

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