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Special Issue: New Life Rising
New Life Rising
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About This Issue
Through the devotional writings and artistic illustrations in this specially-created devotional from Christianity Today, a variety of pastors, theologians, and thinkers offer their perspectives on what we must let die in our day and age, in order to come to terms with reality and live in the renewal that Easter promises. The term “memento mori” is a Latin expression symbolizing the reminder that death is inevitable. As we journey through this season of Lent and Easter together, let’s wonder and discuss what we believe needs to die in order to lead to vibrant life in our unique contexts of vocation and community.
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New Life Rising
The journey through Lent and Easter allows us to wonder what needs to die in order to lead to vibrant life.
The Ever-Present Memento Mori
How to remember that we must die on Ash Wednesday.
Against the Lenten Frenzy
Few questions haunt pastors as much as: “What makes a worship gathering successful?”
Exiles All the Way Home
We all yearn for the miraculous movement from wilderness to safety, and exile to belonging.
Dying to the Indispensable Self
Perhaps we need to hear Jesus’ words as a command to deny our default ways of valuing and measuring the self.
A Waste of Time, a Work of Love
The dawn of Easter reminds us that what the world might see as a waste can actually be a wonder.
Descending the Summit of Success
How often do we make regular choices that uplift a worldly narrative of success?
My Last Supper with the Family of God
In response to our weakness, Christ serves us his final meal.
World Weary in the Garden of Gethsemane
We must put to death the idea that we were ever the ones in control.
Alive Upon Arrival
Jesus, when he rose from the grave, was mistaken for a gardener. It is my favorite story.
The Sobriety of Forever
During Easter, considering your death will lead you to bright horizons.