Mitt Romney Chose Truth Over Tribe. We Should Too.
Character and competency matter all the time, whether that’s in public office or the church.
Jesus Paid It All. There’s Still So Much We Owe.
Why the call to good works goes hand in hand with the free gift of grace.
Esau McCaulley: The Streets Sent Me to the Pulpit
But then my path to preaching took an unexpected turn.
How to Talk to a Christian-Curious Agnostic
A new breed of secular seeker is replacing the New Atheists. But how can we reach them?
I Hadn’t Committed Suicide. But I Was Spiritually Dead.
The prison ID’ed the wrong man. But the mistake was powerfully revealing.
The Gospel Is Greater Than Its Greatest Proclaimers
That fact should bring humility to our evangelism, even as it spurs us to keep sharing the Good News.
Sticking Out and Fitting In as an Asian American Believer
Theologian Michelle Lee-Barnewall reflects on her ethnic identity and her identity in Christ.
Take a Risk and Make a Friend
With God’s help, a little intentionality can go a long way toward healing our loneliness.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Rachel Hauck, author of “The Best Summer of Our Lives”.
5 Books on the Witness of the Old Testament Prophets
Chosen by Andrew Abernethy, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, coeditor of “The Prophets and the Apostolic Witness,” and author of “Savoring Scripture: A Six-Step Guide to Studying the Bible.”
In a World of Speed and Power, Cormac McCarthy Wasn’t Afraid of Depth
The late novelist’s final books are ambitious portraits of the Western world and the human soul.
It’s Eden Somewhere
The late Jimmy Buffett’s songs and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien both long for a home just beyond reach.
Died: ‘Jesus Calling’ Devotional Author Sarah Young
The missionary wife’s “listening prayers” comforted and inspired millions.
When American Evangelicals Needed a Reputational Boost, They Turned to South Korean Evangelicals
In the second half of the 20th century, each group used the other as a ticket to legitimacy at home and abroad.
Gen X Dropouts Widen the Generational Divide among Singapore Christians
Interviews with 63 churches reveal an urgent need for greater mutuality in relationships.
Put Off Your Old Self-Making
An interview with author Tara Isabella Burton on the history of self-creation—and how the habit usurps our need for God.
Never Read Tim Keller? Here’s Where to Begin.
Eight books that capture different dimensions of his life and ministry.
Repairing the Evangelical House Means Renewing the Evangelical Imagination
If our movement is ailing, argues Karen Swallow Prior, it’s because we’ve overlooked the importance of certain stories, symbols, and metaphors.
Since When Did Pleasing God Become an Unattainable Ideal?
His servants aren’t meant to feel like spiritual failures.
Western Theologians Need Non-Western Theologians—and Vice Versa
The particularities of people groups can aid the work of understanding and proclaiming the gospel.

Top Story December 5, 2023

God Thwarted the Tower of Babel. But Its Spirit Lives On.
God Thwarted the Tower of Babel. But Its Spirit Lives On.
From the builders of Genesis 11 to the architects of the modern world, we've forgotten who makes our name great.

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