New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Linda MacKillop, author of “The Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon.”
5 Books on the History of Christian Parenting in America
Chosen by David P. Setran, author of “Christian Parenting: Wisdom and Perspectives from American History.”
‘Envíame a mí’: una lección de humildad
Isaías 6 me llenó de un celo capaz de cambiar el mundo. Pero necesitaba considerar todo el pasaje.
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat
Randall Balmer seeks the religious roots of America’s passion for sports.
El autismo se entiende desde dentro
En un relato sincero sobre la vida en el espectro, un profesor de la Universidad de Taylor nos invita a ver sus «deficiencias» como dones.
Christian Celebrity Isn’t a Problem to Fix, But an Eye to Gouge Out
Katelyn Beaty’s critique of evangelical fame-worship is wise but overly tame.
A Religious Movement Divided Against Itself (Probably) Cannot Stand
Liberal Protestants built a global elite in the 20th century. Its fracturing holds a caution for evangelicals today.
Died: Kees de Kort, Beloved Bible Artist
The Dutch illustrator’s bold and simple work shaped “the biblical cosmos of images” for millions.
Meet the Scholar-Activist Who Changed Baptist Minds on Race
T. B. Maston’s views on integration were controversial at his seminary. Today, they deserve a fresh hearing.
Forge the Ring, Pass the Soup
Amazon’s “Rings of Power” series adds to what Tolkien termed the “Cauldron of Story,” where sub-creators mix up the stew of God’s creation.
Died: Rodney Stark, Sociologist Who Said Religion Is a Rational Choice
His theories of conversion and competition shaped widely held views of church growth and decline.
Hymns and Neurons: How Worship Rewires Our Brains and Bonds Us Together
Scientific data suggests that singing in community reshapes our physical selves and our corporate connections.
Our Quest for Control Has Gotten Out of Control
More and more, it’s causing broken relationships, burnout, and anxiety. But that doesn’t mean we’re called to “let go and let God.”
Salman Rushdie Is the Canary in a Free Speech Coal Mine
But the liberty at stake is moral and spiritual, not just intellectual.

Top Story November 29, 2022

Why Are We So Cynical About Peace on Earth?
Why Are We So Cynical About Peace on Earth?
Many evangelicals believe war is inevitable. But that shouldn’t stop us from praying for peace.

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