A Theologian’s Vision of ‘Peasant’ Politics Is Surprisingly Lordly in Scope
Ephraim Radner’s “narrow” concern for protecting the mundane goods of earthly life isn’t so narrow after all.
The Myth Behind the Meaning of Paul’s Words on Women and Childbearing
Sandra Glahn studies the record of an Ephesian goddess to aid our reading of a challenging passage.
Honey, We Shrunk the Family
Timothy P. Carney’s Family Unfriendly explores plunging American fertility and how to get out of the baby bust.
Metaphors Have a Power That’s More Than Metaphorical
Joy Clarkson peels back the veil of overfamiliarity from commonplace expressions and images.
The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
Aslan is fictional, but the real Lion of Judah reminds us that we’re forgiven.
Churches Shouldn’t Outsource Apologetics to Slick Conferences
When it comes to defending the faith, local congregations have long been the first line of defense.
She Wrote Love Stories. Then Her Marriage Ended.
How a romance author journeyed with God through an unwanted divorce.
Confronting the 21st-Century Church with the First-Century Church
Nijay Gupta helps us rediscover the compelling strangeness of the earliest Christians.
O Ye of Overconfident Faith
Like the disciples, we need to learn the difference between trust in Jesus and spiritual cockiness.
Single Christians Have Common Needs—the Same Needs All Christians Have
Anna Broadway’s survey of global singleness challenges a marriage status hierarchy within the church.
Your Politics May Be Less Bible-Based than You Think
Preston Sprinkle’s Exiles is a bracing call to return to Scripture, but some of his specific political applications are dubious.
Don’t Overexpose Kids to Mental Health Experts. Or Rule Them Out Completely.
Abigail Shrier’s critique of childhood therapy mixes a needful corrective with ideological hyperbole.
‘Dune’ Centers Islamic Imagery. These Muslim-World Novels Center Christ.
Drawing from their long experience in the Islamic world, evangelical novelists pen fiction to help Muslims and Americans better see Jesus.
‘Hell Is a World Without You’ Revisits Early 2000s Youth Group
Journalist Jason Kirk discusses his new novel, turn-of-the-century evangelicalism, and deconstruction.
God Whispers to a Restless and Grief-Stricken Heart
An excerpt on doubt, despair, and restoration from Land of My Sojourn: The Landscape of a Faith Lost and Found.
Gender Difference Is Real, but Too Complex to Spell Out All the Specifics
A theologian articulates an Augustinian alternative to the reigning perspectives on nature and culture.
The Quest for a Good Children’s Bible
A children’s ministry veteran explains where kids’ Bibles tend to go wrong—and highlights a few that get it right.
The Bible Was Written to Be Heard and Spoken to Be Read
God’s Word has oral and textual dimensions, and we shouldn’t pit them against one another.
The Surprising Practicality of Christian Philosophy
For believers, pursuing a philosophical life is the opposite of having your head in the clouds.
Can Christian Colleges Make the Grade?
An experienced evangelical educator sees challenges ahead—but opportunities too.

Top Story May 25, 2024

In Succor and Silence
In Succor and Silence
On praying past the end of silver linings to a God who often does not answer as I hope.

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