Christian History Corner

Turning Point
The Crowning of Charlemagne
Dorothy Sayers: "The Dogma Is the Drama"
An interview with Barbara Reynolds.
Sharing Stories from the Heart
The lessons of history are fair game for use today.
Carpets, Wardrobes, and the Glory of the Real
A lesson on reality from fantasy author C.S. Lewis.
Is It Wrong-Headed to Translate the Gospel for Culture?
Christian History Corner takes on the Christ and culture debate.
J.S. Bach: For the Glory of God
Such humility is exceedingly rare among those who have gained worldwide fame.
Emergents, Meet Saints!
The wave of the future needs the wisdom of the past.
From Mutual Aid to Global Action
How the Anabaptist emphasis on practical acts of love led a tightly knit enclave to reach out to the world.
Indian Pentecost
How a "Holy Ghost revival" among child widows in India became an international sensation and a local wellspring of Christian outreach.
Changed Lives: Luther
The daily gift of new life
Liberating Faith
When Korea threw off Japanese rule in 1945, it was as much a victory for the church as for the nation.
Elementary School: Medieval to Modern
A 17th century Moravian bishop pushed elementary schooling out of the "Dark Ages."
The Trailblazer
The first evangelical missionary to India set out to prove that the gospel does not destroy culture but transforms it from within.
Bringing Peace to Paradise
British missionary John Williams pioneered the spread of Christianity in the South Pacific by employing the zeal of Polynesian converts.
The Secrets of Spurgeon's Preaching
Why would thousands come to hear him speak?
Preaching Augustine
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library came to my rescue in a homiletical emergency.
In Search of the Real Balian
In Kingdom of Heaven, Sir Ridley Scott turns Balian of Ibelin into an agnostic, but what do we know of the Balian of history?
How Could Christians Crusade?
Why followers of the Prince of Peace waged war.
Uwe Siemon-Netto: Ignore History at Your Own Peril
UPI religion columnist decries the shallow Christianity of those who neglect the past.
Signs of the Reformation's Success?
Reformation scholar Timothy George discusses Pope John Paul II's historical significance and this 'momentous' era of Catholic-evangelical dialogue.

Top Story June 25, 2024

Bible Figures Never Say ‘I’m Sorry’
Bible Figures Never Say ‘I’m Sorry’
If they don’t “apologize” in the modern sense, it’s only because Scripture has a richer vocabulary of repentance.

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