Charles Colson

Charles Colson

Charles Colson was the founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, an outreach to convicts, victims of crime, and justice officers. Colson, who converted to Christianity before he was indicted on Watergate-related charges, became one of evangelicalism's most influential voices. His books included Born Again and How Now Shall We Live? A Christianity Today columnist since 1985, Colson died in 2012.

Chuck Colson: Evangelicals Should Be Uniters, Not DividersChuck Colson: Evangelicals Should Be Uniters, Not DividersSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelicals need to redefine themselves and reform the whole church.
Recalling Francis Schaeffer's ChallengeFlaming Truth: Recalling Francis Schaeffer's ChallengeSubscriber Access Only
With laser-like precision, Schaeffer hit on the fundamental issue of our day.
Charles Colson: We Need Health-Care ReformWe Need Health-Care ReformSubscriber Access Only
And the real question is who gets to decide who gets attention.
Charles Colson: Protecting Our Little PlatoonsProtecting Our Little PlatoonsSubscriber Access Only
There's reason to be concerned for the future of voluntary organizations.
Charles Colson: Doctrine Bears RepeatingDoctrine Bears RepeatingSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals need to brush up on basic Christian teachings.
Colson: Keeping Pets in Their PlaceKeeping Pets in Their PlaceSubscriber Access Only
Why we can't afford to treat animals like they're humans.
Colson: The Evangelical AgendaNo Utter CollapseSubscriber Access Only
Recent reports of our demise betray the media's ignorance about who we are.
Colson: The Invasion of GodThe Invasion of GodSubscriber Access Only
The so-called Christmas wars are much larger than we imagine.
Colson: Community of MemoryCommunity of MemorySubscriber Access Only
We're on the verge of destroying a key pillar of civilization.
Evolutionary Ethics Give Us No Reason to Eschew Moral HorrorsWar on the WeakSubscriber Access Only
Eugenics has made a lethal comeback.
The Earmark EpidemicThe Earmark EpidemicSubscriber Access Only
The disease must be cured for the common good.
Bad JudgmentBad JudgmentSubscriber Access Only
Ruling imperils faith-based programs around the country.
Emerging ConfusionEmerging ConfusionSubscriber Access Only
Jesus is the truth whether we experience him or not.
My Soul's Dark NightMy Soul's Dark NightSubscriber Access Only
The best of evangelicalism didn't prepare me for this struggle.
Soothing Ourselves to DeathSoothing Ourselves to DeathSubscriber Access Only
Should we give people what they want or what they need?
A More Excellent WayA More Excellent WaySubscriber Access Only
Changing the law isn't enough.
Machiavellian MoralityMachiavellian MoralitySubscriber Access Only
One reason teenagers, among others, are jammed in our prisons.
Verdict that Demands EvidenceVerdict that Demands EvidenceSubscriber Access Only
It is Darwinists, not Christians, who are stonewalling the facts.
The New Civil WarThe New Civil WarSubscriber Access Only
Christians must be driven by the common good, not by any ideology.
Worldview Boot CampWorldview Boot CampSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical young people need training in the truth about truth.
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
They Run a Hip Vegan Restaurant—and Give All the Profits to Charity
How one NYC couple is aiming for a maximum return on investment in their business and life.
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