Speaking Out

The Morning I Heard God's Voice
I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God still speaks today.
'Tell Someone'? We Tried
Yes, HPV causes cervical cancer. Why did people scoff eight years ago, when we wanted to warn them?
The Colors of Lebanon
What would real peace mean?
The 'Jesus Manifesto' for Lebanon
Rebuilding the soul of a shattered nation on the brink of civil war.
Euthanasia Confusion
Newspaper accounts of end-of-life debates too often muddle the issues.
Kramer's Sins—and Ours
What society and the church can learn from comedian Michael Richards's racial tirade.
Shoot-First Apologetics
What a dead bluebird taught Walter Martin about defending the faith.
Good News for Democrats, Good News for Evangelicals
And Good News for the world.
Faith-Based Triangulation
Religious moderates propelled the Democrats to victory.
Lessons from a Punker Ph.D.
Don't call my correspondence with Bad Religion's Greg Graffin a debate.
Seeking Biblical Principles to Inform Immigration Policy
Scripture provides more than easy slogans and soft platitudes about welcoming foreigners.
Reflections from a Messianic Jew in Israel
When questions are too hard to answer, we must still be about our Father's business.
The Fulfillment of Prophecy Right Before Our Eyes
Walking among Lebanon's Christians.
The World Council of Churches Buddies Up to Hezbollah
Nearly the entire international community blames Lebanon's terrorist militia. Why is the WCC silent?
A 'Prayer' to Condoleezza Rice
After the water turns to blood at Qana, how long?
'Who Is My Neighbor' in the Lebanon-Israel Conflict?
Further reflections from the academic dean of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon.
The Silent Human Conscience
What should I tell my daughter when bombs fall and the great nations say nothing?
Prince of Peace's Hometown Bombarded
Missiles' booms sound the alarm to our forsaken responsibility of peace making.
We Risk Not Just Suffering, But Annihilation
An open letter to Dr. Martin Accad.
Another Point of View: Evangelical Blindness on Lebanon
The academic dean of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary is angry at evangelical Christians, Israel, Hezbollah, the U.S., and the international community.

Top Story June 12, 2024

Why Does Southern Baptist Abuse Reform Keep Hitting Hurdles?
Why Does Southern Baptist Abuse Reform Keep Hitting Hurdles?
Leaders and advocates are grateful for the convention’s support but frustrated at the inability to enact their plans.

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