As the lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Dhati Lewis has spent a lot of time thinking about the nature of his pastorate. For Lewis, it ultimately comes down to discipleship. He’s thought a bit about boundaries, but he doesn’t plan to really rest until each and every follower of Christ who has joined his church is being discipled.

And he’s got a plan-in fact, he’s got a whole system, complete with cards up on a board in his office. If you’re a member of his church, there’s a good chance you’ll see your name up there when you go in for a counseling session. For Lewis, it’s all part of the call to make disciples and to love his brothers and sisters in Christ.

On today’s episode of The Calling, Richard Clark talks to Dhati Lewis about how pastoring is like coaching, why he decided to plant a church in Atlanta, and what kind of boundaries make sense for a full-time minister.

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