Are modern Christians focusing too much on identity or not enough? How should Christians think about injecting their beliefs into civic leadership? What are some words of wisdom for church leaders who are asked questions about public policy?

These are some of the timely listener questions that Russell and producer Ashley Hales discuss on this episode of The Russell Moore Show. They talk about how Jesus navigated a cultural context that hypervalued political alignment. And they consider what it looks like to prosper in confusing times.

Questions addressed during this episode include:

  • Where does Russell get his news?
  • How can Christians focus on their identity in Christ?
  • What is the relationship between Christians and culture?
  • How can church leaders exercise wisdom as they engage questions of politics and public policy?
  • What should Christians do when the churches in their community preach dogma over doctrine?
  • What do love and justice look like in practical, concrete terms (like yard signs)?
  • Why aren’t people tired of perpetual panic?
  • What does it look like to maintain hope?

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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