In this episode Heather and Barna’s Joe Jensen discuss the idea that whether we like it or not, screens disciple. The latest research shows that people are hungry for community. People no longer just want content, they are craving connection. Heather and Joe look at the importance of churches starting with social media, but not ending with social media. We can’t be content to just watch pictures of other people’s worship. How do we inspire, but also then disciple, people into their own personal spiritual experiences?

Joe shares his heart for pastors and churches and why he thinks Jesus can’t be viral, until Jesus becomes vital to our personhood.

Guest Bio

Joe Jensen is Barna’s Vice President, Church Engagement, Joe Jensen is passionate about turning research into action. He is using his 20+ years of church ministry and executive leadership experience to engage and serve the global church and her partners with the insight and knowledge of the Barna Group.

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Host Bio

Heather Thompson Day is an associate professor of communication at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. She is the author of eight books, including, I'll See You Tomorrow, releasing in October, and It’s Not Your Turn. Reach out to Heather on Twitter @HeatherTDay and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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