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The City That Never Stops Worshipping
Though some have likened it to Sodom and Gomorrah, New York City has a long history of religious vibrancy.
The People of Praise, Charismatic Catholics, and Fringe Religious Groups
A brief introduction to the charismatic Catholics and People of Praise, in the news now due to Amy Coney Barrett's nomination.
Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic and Scalia Protégé, Nominated by Trump
With an abortion record opposite Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s, Barrett has said her faith does not shape her decisions behind the bench.
Trump Can Afford to Slip Among White Evangelicals, But Not White Catholics
In the presidential race against Joe Biden, Catholics have emerged as a swing vote.
How Lebanon’s First Female Militant Made Her Fight More Faithful
Jocelyne Khoueiry inspired over 1,500 Christian women to enlist during the civil war, then shifted her efforts from arms to knees.
Evangelicals Becoming Catholics: Former CT Editor Mark Galli
Why do evangelicals convert to Catholicism and how should we respond?
Joe Biden Campaigns on Faith
Outreach may not bring white evangelicals and Catholics together, but hopeful Democrats are emphasizing the candidate's religious commitments.
Do Catholics Care about Persecuted Christians?
As American bishops dedicate this week to religious freedom, including for Muslims in China, polls suggest a cresting of support for the church in need.
The Jury Is Still Out on Europe’s Religious Future
The moral revolution of the 1960s dealt a blow to Christian faith on the continent, but it might not have the final word.
The 17th-Century Poet, Nun, and Theologian Who Died Caring for Those Sick with Cholera
What the writing and life of Renaissance woman Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz offered the church during her lifetime—and today.
For Church Unity, These Evangelicals ‘Gave Up’ Their Easter
For decades, Christians in Jordan have celebrated what Pope Francis pines for.
Christ Suffered for Our Sins, but He Didn’t Go to Hell for Them
A theologian explores what did (and didn’t) happen on Holy Saturday.
What Did the Pope Really Say About Confession During COVID-19?
Unpacking Pope Francis's remarks about 'taking your sorrows directly to God.'
Celibate Priests: What You Need to Know
How we've discussed clerical celibacy over the years.
More Non-Evangelicals Are Calling Themselves Born Again
A growing share of mainline Protestants and Catholics have taken on the once-distinctive label over the past three decades.
‘The Two Popes’ Pits Tradition Against Progress
What the new Netflix drama can teach us about the interdependency of orthodoxy and reform.
This Minnesota Monk Saves Ancient Manuscripts for a Digital Age
Columba Stewart says preserving Muslim texts is "part of the work of evangelism."
The Palestinian Priest Welcoming Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan
How the church in the Middle East is responding to the refugee crisis.
Catholic Leaders Are Discussing Married Priests, Female Church Leadership, and Climate Change
What Protestants need to know about Pope Francis’s Amazon Synod.
For Catholics and Protestants, Amazon Fires Fan Partisan Flames
Brazilian Christians divided over rainforest blazes and President Jair Bolsonaro’s response.

Top Story October 1, 2020

The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
As Americans lead decline in agreeing good values require belief in God, Bulgaria bucks the global trend.

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