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20 Truths from ‘How to Revive Evangelism’ by Craig Springer
“Evangelism training should have as its utmost priority developing and training great listeners.”
Question: What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?
Exploring character
Reading the Bible With Your Heart (Without Losing Your Head)
In the new year, the BibleProject invites you to love the life of the mind.
Three Words for 2021
The new year offers us a time to reflect and to prepare a new approach for 2021.
10 of the Best Books on Sports and Christianity from the Past 10 Years
How scholars, fans, and on-field stars have related faith and athletics.
No n'hi ha prou amb emetre un culte online. Les esglésies necessiten fomentar la comunitat.
Què poden aprendre els pastors de la davallada d'assistència online?
When Culture Tilts Away from your Church
What do we do when going to church becomes a social disadvantage?
Seven Identifiers for those Blinded by Self-Righteousness
Self-righteousness pervades individuals, families, and organizations, so we must learn how to recognize it.
Don’t Overstate the Rewards of Sexual Faithfulness. Don’t Understate Them Either.
The false promises of purity culture shouldn’t overshadow the true promises of God.
The Bible Is Our Blazing Fire
A look inside our special issue exploring women's passionate engagement with Scripture.
The Only Way to Get Stronger
If you want to get stronger, you have to work harder.
As mulheres leem mais a Bíblia do que os homens. Por quê?
Mulheres que ensinam a Bíblia e escrevem estudos bíblicos de sucesso revelam os fatores que levam as mulheres a priorizar o tempo com as Escrituras.
Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Together, we discover Deuteronomy's Good News.
People Are Being Discipled by Their Cable News
How do we disciple in good as we disciple out the wrong?
Falleció José María Silvestri, pastor cuyo ministerio de "grupos de crecimiento" discipuló a la República Argentina
El fundador de la Iglesia Evangélica Misionera de Argentina falleció por COVID-19.
Maná en el Medio Oriente
Anne Zaki cree que estar "lleno de las Escrituras" es clave para vivir la fe en Egipto.
20 Truths from ‘The Sacred Overlap’ by J.R. Briggs
“If there is ever a time for the church to see a crucial opportunity to bring hope to our current context, this is it.”
Died: José María Silvestri, Pastor Whose Small-Group Ministry Discipled Argentina
Founder of Iglesia Evangélica Misionera Argentina died of COVID-19.
Não basta transmitir cultos on-line. As igrejas precisam promover o senso de comunidade.
O que os pastores podem aprender com a queda na frequência aos cultos on-line.
No es suficiente transmitir los servicios en línea. Las iglesias necesitan fomentar comunidad.
Lo que los pastores pueden aprender de la disminución del número de asistentes a los servicios en línea.

Top Story March 1, 2021

Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
The largest Christian adoption agency is now calling on “Christians with diverse beliefs” as it aims to serve more children under a new inclusion policy.

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