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Cada vez mais estrelas pop cantam músicas gospel. Faz diferença se seus corações estão distantes de Deus?
A popularidade em alta da música gospel leva artistas com pouca formação cristã a lançarem canções de adoração e pastores a refletirem sobre as motivações.
‘The Chosen’ batte il record della serie TV più tradotta di tutti i tempi
La celebre serie sulla vita di Gesù è disponibile attualmente in 50 lingue, alle quali se ne aggiungeranno altre 550.
Чудо слушания
Говорение было не единственным Божьим чудом на Пятидесятницу. Дух также дал дар понимания для преодоления разделений и презрения.
Чудо слухання
Мова була не єдиним Божим чудом у П’ятидесятницю. Дух також дав дар розуміння для подолання розділень та презирства.
Sí, Pablo realmente enseñó la sumisión mutua
Por qué la interpretación de Wayne Grudem de Efesios 5:21 es insostenible.
American Missionaries Killed in Port-au-Prince
Gang attack in Haiti leaves three dead and a house on fire as international forces are delayed again.
새로운 고아 위기, 냉동 배아
100만 개 이상의 미사용 시험관 아기 배아가 냉동 창고에 보관되어 있다. 이 배아들이 다음 세대에서 생명 보호의 대상이 될까?
World Vision Appeals Employment Discrimination Case to Ninth Circuit
Federal appeals courts are starting to wrestle with how nondiscrimination laws apply to religious organizations when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity.
The Bulletin Episode 84|48min
Something in the Way
The fourth anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Iran’s president’s death, and bird flu.
As More Brazilian Pop Stars Praise God with Their Lips, Does It Matter If Hearts Are Far?
Gospel music is soaring in popularity in Brazil, leading artists with little Christian background to release worship songs and pastors to mull motives.
Pastors Will Try to Spare South Africa’s Tense Elections from Violence
Oscar Siwali is mobilizing conflict mediators as the country goes to the polls. He only wishes his organization could train more.
Mad Max Does Genesis
Furiosa begins with a retelling of the biblical Fall. After its apocalypse comes something new.
What I Would Change After 30 Years of Marriage
I should have invited Ruth to our wedding—to acknowledge how much our ordinary moments point to the story of Christ.
Les chrétiens peuvent agir contre la pollution plastique
Une communauté du Honduras ouvre la voie à la collecte locale des déchets et prie pour un traité international sur les plastiques.
Forrest Frank está fazendo a música cristã mais vibrante da Internet
Com hits alegres e colaborações com outros cantores cristãos, ele está conquistando os ouvintes mais jovens nas redes sociais.
Iranian Christians Contemplate God’s Justice after President’s Death in Crash
Believers in the diaspora reference Daniel and the “writing on the wall” as many mull if helicopter accident portends more changes to come.

Top Story May 24, 2024

Mad Max Does Genesis
Mad Max Does Genesis
Furiosa begins with a retelling of the biblical Fall. After its apocalypse comes something new.

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