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What Trump-Supporting Pastors Preached After the Capitol Attack
Sermons mentioned national divides, condemned violence, and applauded police—and some did not reference the event at all.
Let Us Keep the Covenant
Prayer for the Week
We Serve the Purposes of God, Not the Politics of Men
The lust for power and the lure of lies collapse under the weight of truth.
Los Salmos nos desafían a traer todo nuestro ser delante de Dios
Orar el Salterio puede encauzar el río de nuestras emociones.
First Sunday after Christmas Prayer
Gambia’s Christians Take a Stand in the Public Square
After generations of avoiding politics, believers come together to work and pray for the nation’s future.
Our Attraction to Idols Remains the Same, Even When the Names Change
How false worship today resembles false worship in the Old Testament.
Centering Prayer in Our Tumultuous Times
This contemplative spiritual practice may bring stillness to your soul in the midst of turmoil.
Second Sunday of Advent
Prayer for the Week
20 prières supplémentaires face à la pandémie
Implorer Dieu est toujours le moyen le plus efficace de réagir en temps de crise.
CT Media Presents: God Pops Up in India
In this episode, follow Anil’s journey to learn more about the man who he is convinced saved his mother.
Ghana Pentecostals Come to the Defense of Accused Witches
An old woman was killed when she refused to confess to causing irregular rain. Christians had to speak up.
Bringing Hope and Healing to a War-Torn Homeland, One Footstep at a Time
Why one Congolese refugee believes shoes are a key ingredient for broader change.
« Pourquoi nous ? »
Le pasteur français Samuel Peterschmitt réfléchit sur la foi et la providence suite à une conférence de la Porte Ouverte transformée en un événement spectaculaire de propagation du coronavirus.
Christ the King Sunday
Prayer for the Week
Pew and IDOP Agree: Religious Persecution Is Worsening Worldwide
The latest report on government restrictions and social hostilities in 198 nations follows the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.
The Psalms Dare Us to Bring Our Whole Selves Before God
Praying the Psalter can give shape to the river of our emotions.
O God, whose blessed Son
Prayer for the Week
Aprendizaje y creatividad: Llamado de Dios aun en tiempos de crisis
La pandemia no es excusa para descuidar el llamado de Dios a estudiar y aprender.
Almighty and Everlasting God: A Prayer
Prayer for the Week

Top Story January 15, 2021

Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Just because people claim the name shouldn’t automatically imply they heed what it means.

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