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En Italia, He Redescubierto el Poder de Tres Tipos de Oración
Los Salmos de lamento se sentían hiperbólicos antes de COVID-19. Pero en medio de 13,000 muertes, mi iglesia en Roma, cerrada por el encierro obligatorio, resuena con el lamento de David más que nunca.
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أعدت اكتشاف قوة أنواع الصلاة الثلاثة في إيطاليا
كانت مزامير الرثاء تشعرك بالمبالغة في مشاعر الرثاء قبل  كوفيد 19 لكن وسط 000ر13 حالة وفاة فإن كنيستي المغلقة في "روما" تردد أصداء كلمات "داود" أكثر من أي وقت مضى.
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Women: Don’t Bury Your Leadership Gifts
That persistent sense of calling isn’t a fatal feminine flaw, but an invitation to walk intimately with God.
Descobri na Itália o Poder de Três Tipos de Oração
Salmos de lamento pareciam exagerados antes do COVID-19. Mas, em meio a 10.700 mortes, minha igreja em quarentena em Roma se identifica mais do que nunca com Davi.
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In Italia, Ho Riscoperto la Potenza di Tre Tipi di Preghiera
Prima del COVID-19 i Salmi di lamento sembravano come eccessivi. Ma con ormai 10,000 morti la mia chiesa a Roma, chiusa dal blocco totale, vive più che mai gli stessi lamenti di Davide.
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In Italy, I’ve Rediscovered the Power of Three Types of Prayer
Psalms of lament felt hyperbolic before COVID-19. But amid 10,000 deaths, my locked-down church in Rome resonates with David more than ever.
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Screwtape’s Practical Advice for Dealing with the Present
What C. S. Lewis’s senior devil would recommend in response to COVID-19.
20 Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic
As COVID-19 sends the globe into crisis, it also sends us to our knees.
Quarantined? 17 Ideas To Keep Your Body, Mind And Spirit Strong
This is a serious and difficult time. Quarantines are hard. But we can do more than endure, we can step up and be strong.
Whatever Your Secret Sins, the Psalms Will Give You the Courage to Come Clean
Hiding from God (and neighbor) is dehumanizing, but honest prayer and confession bring healing and freedom.
I Was Warned to Keep My Distance from ‘Infidels.’ Then One Prayed for My Family.
How a son of the Arabian Gulf met the Son of God in a strange new place.
Prayer for Hearing God in the Quiet
A prayer for our day
Ntnl Day of Prayer—Words from NAE's Walter Kim, SBC's Ronnie Floyd, AoG's Doug Clay
On this day of prayer, let’s call God’s people to pray throughout the nation.
Church Canceled? 6 Ways To Respond – And 5 Ways Not To
The church is always at our best, not when things are going well, but when we respond in a Christ-like manner to a difficult circumstance.
Give Us Clean Hands: Christians Embrace Scientific Responses to COVID-19
Amid the pandemic, NAE president says “the scientific community and people of faith really should serve as collaborators.”
Forgive Us Our Sins (And Theirs, Too)Subscriber Access Only
How an ancient prophet’s prayer answers our modern outrage.
One-on-One with Craig Groeschel on ‘Dangerous Prayers’
I think there are many Christians who know they should pray, who want to have great faith when they pray, but often don’t.
Loving Enemies Is Hard at Post-Impeachment Prayer Breakfast
Trump seems skeptical about Jesus' mandate.
Split Down the Aisle by Impeachment, Senate Still United in Prayer
Chaplain balances bipartisan alliances with trust in God’s will.
Almighty and Everliving God
Prayer for the week

Top Story April 2, 2020

In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
Engaged Americans are grappling with foiled wedding plans. But Christian couples face unique moral challenges.

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