Embracing the Liturgy of Labor Day
In today’s hybrid work culture, Christians should recommit to the biblical rhythms of work and rest.
Born-Again Hope in a Time of Lizard-Brain Fear
Only walking in the Spirit can renew our fleshly thinking into a kingdom mindset.
A Moral Primer on Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’
Tolkien’s kingdom of Númenor is a cautionary tale for us today.
Meet the Scholar-Activist Who Changed Baptist Minds on Race
T. B. Maston’s views on integration were controversial at his seminary. Today, they deserve a fresh hearing.
Kallistos Ware : théologien de la voie orthodoxe pour les autres chrétiens
L’évêque anglais et universitaire d’Oxford a approfondi le respect, l’unité et le dialogue entre l’antique confession et les évangéliques.
Forge the Ring, Pass the Soup
Amazon’s “Rings of Power” series adds to what Tolkien termed the “Cauldron of Story,” where sub-creators mix up the stew of God’s creation.
Stop Applauding Pastors Who Publicly Confess Their Sins
When leaders admit wrongdoing, we should respond with quiet sobriety, not clapping.
Helper: You Keep Using That Word for Women
But it doesn’t mean what you think it means.
Hymns and Neurons: How Worship Rewires Our Brains and Bonds Us Together
Scientific data suggests that singing in community reshapes our physical selves and our corporate connections.
Our Quest for Control Has Gotten Out of Control
More and more, it’s causing broken relationships, burnout, and anxiety. But that doesn’t mean we’re called to “let go and let God.”
Orang Kristen Seharusnya Mendorong Terwujudnya Keberagaman dan Kesetaraan
Iman mendorong kita untuk memberikan rasa memiliki yang sama kepada orang lain seperti yang telah kita terima.
Filled with the Spirit amid the Hungry Ghosts
As the Chinese festival ends, theologians explain why pneumatology matters more in Asia.
福音派应该谦卑地从不同的基督教传统中学习 —— 然而许多人对新教诞生前的神学一无所知或抱持怀疑。
福音派應該謙卑地從不同的基督教傳統中學習 —— 然而許多人對新教誕生前的神學一無所知或抱持懷疑。
Prayer in Ukraine After Six Months of War
On national independence day, evangelical leaders reflect upon their answered and unanswered petitions to God.
Kallistos Ware: Theologian Who Explained the Orthodox Way to Other Christians
English bishop and Oxford scholar cultivated unity, dialogue, and respect between the ancient faith and evangelicals.

Top Story October 7, 2022

Loretta Lynn: A Coal Miner’s Daughter in the #MeToo Age
Loretta Lynn: A Coal Miner’s Daughter in the #MeToo Age
The late country music star modeled what church leaders need: A bold willingness to stand up for women.

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