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    • Movie PurgatorySubscriber Access Only
      'Hellbound?,' seemingly bound to fail from the beginning, never takes a stand on the issue.
    • Q&A: Francis Chan on Rob Bell and HellSubscriber Access Only
      Why 'Erasing Hell' was his most difficult book, how 'Love Wins' prompted repentance, and whether 'Believe in Jesus or you'll go to hell' is good news.
    • Salvation sans JesusSubscriber Access Only
      "The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration" states that sincere worshipers of other religions will not be saved—does that also refer to Moses and other Old Testament faithful? —Ty Conley, Salem, Oregon
    God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
    God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
    I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes.
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