1914 World War I (ends in 1918)


1920 Rev. Curtis Lee Laws first uses term "fundamentalist"
1920 Prohibition
1920 19th Amendment gives women right to vote
1921 Latin American Mission (Harry and Susan Strachan)
1923 J. Gresham Machen publishes Christianity and Liberalism
1924 Evangelical Theological College, later called Dallas Theological Seminary
1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial
1927 First "talking" motion picture
1928 Henrietta Mears becomes Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
1929 Stock market crash begins Great Depression
1929 Fundamentalists leave Princeton to form Westminster Theological Seminary


1930 Christian Business Men's Committee / Connecting Business Men to Christ
1931 Christian Medical Association / Christian Medical and Dental Association
1931 Zondervan Publishers
1933 Navigators (Dawson Trotman)
1933 Gospel Light Publications (Henrietta Mears)
1933 Scripture Press (Victor and Bernice Cory)
1934 Summer Institute of Linguistics / Wycliffe Bible Translators (W. Cameron Townsend)
1936 Student Foreign Missions Fellowship (Robert McQuilken)
1936 Harold John Ockenga becomes pastor of Park Street Church
1937 Old Fashioned Revival Hour (Charles Fuller)
1937 Child Evangelism Fellowship (Jesse Overholtzer)
1939 Pioneer Girls / Pioneer Clubs (Betty Whitaker)
1939 Hitler's invasion of Poland sparks World War II


1940 Word of Life (Jack Wyrtzen)
1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
1941 Young Life (Jim Rayburn)
1941 Carl McIntire founds American Council of Christian Churches
1941 First "Word for Life" youth rally held
1942 National Association of Evangelicals
1943 National Religious Broadcasters
1944 Ockenga holds "scholar's conferences" (until 1947)
1945 Youth for Christ (Torrey Johnson)
1945 Guideposts (Norman Vincent Peale)
1945 U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan
1945 United Nations founded
1945 Evangelical Foreign Missions Association / Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies
1945 Christian Airmen's Missionary Fellowship / Mission Aviation Fellowship (Betty Greene)
1945 Chicagoland Youth for Christ's Memorial Day pageant at Soldier Field
1945 Billy Graham becomes first full-time evangelist of Youth for Christ International
1947 Carl Henry publishes The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism
1947 Fuller Theological Seminary (Charles Fuller)
1947 Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges / Association for Biblical Higher Education
1948 YFC Congress on World Evangelization in Beatenberg, Switzerland
1948 Evangelical Press Association
1948 L'Abri (Francis and Edith Schaeffer)
1949 Cold War nuclear arms race begins
1949 Graham's Greater Los Angeles Crusade


1950 Graham's Boston Crusade
1950 World Vision (Bob Pierce)
1950 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1950 Christian Booksellers Association
1950 Joseph McCarthy launches anti-Communist campaign
1950 Korean War (ends in 1953)
1950 Truman authorizes U.S. military aid in Vietnam War
1950 "The Hour of Decision" radio show begins
1951 Campus Crusade for Christ (Bill Bright)
1952 Trans World Radio (Paul Freed)
1952 Compassion International (Everett Swanson)
1952 Time magazine notes "serious interest in religion in America"
1954 Graham's London Harringay Crusade
1954 Medical Assistance Programs/MAP International
1954 Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Don McClanen)
1954 Brown v. Board of Education
1956 Christianity Today
1957 Russians launch Sputnik
1957 Timothy Smith publishes Revivalism and Social Reform
1957 Graham's New York Crusade
1959 Bible Study Fellowship (Audrey Wetherell Johnson)


1960 Youth With A Mission / YWAM (Loren Cunningham)
1960 Operation Mobilisation (George Verwer)
1960 Teen Challenge (David Wilkerson)
1960 Christian Broadcasting Network (Pat Robertson)
1960 Coral Ridge Ministries (D. James Kennedy)
1960 Graham visits eight African nations in three months
1962 Tyndale House Publishers
1962 Graham visits seven nations in South America
1962 Crisis at Fuller Seminary over biblical inerrancy
1963 Christian Camp and Conference Association
1963 National Black Evangelical Association (William Bentley, Tom Skinner)
1963 John F. Kennedy is assassinated
1963 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School makes plans to become a major evangelical seminary dedicated to preserving inerrancy
1963 Henrietta Mears dies
1964 Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts (Bill Gothard)
1965 Francis Schaeffer holds first major U.S. speaking event in Boston
1966 Berlin Congress on Evangelism
1967 Thru the Bible Radio (J. Vernon McGee)
1967 Women's Aglow Fellowship/Aglow International
1968 Martin Luther King Jr. is shot
1969 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
1969 First man on the moon
1969 Woodstock


1971 Food for the Hungry (Larry Ward)
1971 Maranatha! Music
1971 Christian College Consortium
1971 Jim Wallis and others found The Post-American, later called Sojourners
1973 Roe v. Wade
1973 Watergate scandal; Nixon impeached
1973 Evangelical representatives sign Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern
1973 Trinity Broadcasting Network (Paul and Jan Crouch)
1976 Christian College Coalition/Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
1976 Jimmy Carter elected president
1976 Prison Fellowship Ministries (Chuck Colson)
1976 Newsweek declares "The Year of the Evangelical"
1977 Focus on the Family (James Dobson)
1977 American Family Association (Donald Wildmon)
1978 Evangelicals for Social Action (Ron Sider)
1979 Feed the Children (Larry and Frances Jones)
1979 Concerned Women for America (Beverly LaHaye)
1979 Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability