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When a Christian musician loses faith

Haste the Day's decision to part ways with guitarist raises bigger question

Everyone who either grew up as an evangelical Christian or dated one has heard or spoken this line: "It's not you. I just want to spend more time with God."

I always thought this line was a crock, not because wanting to spend more time with God wasn't admirable, but because it was typically used as a cop-out, a way to ease the discomfort of ruining someone's junior year of high school.

(See, I have this friend, and he had this girlfriend ...)

I think we can agree that few relationships, especially those where both members were Christians, end because one person's quest for godliness is inhibited by the other's indifference. But this story from the Christian Post presents a more difficult issue: What to do when the guy in your Christian band stops believing in Jesus?

Christian metalcore band Haste the Day has asked guitarist Jason Barnes to step down after months of spiritual searching by their close friend concluded with his loss of faith in God."This is going to come as a shock to many of ...
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