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Dalit Christians Fill the Indian Church’s Pews. Not Its Pulpits.
Persistent caste discrimination holds believers from India’s most vulnerable community back.
India’s First Lay Martyr Fought the Caste System. Now He’s a Saint.
Pope Francis has canonized Devasahayam, a convert from upper caste Hinduism to Christianity.
India’s Anticonversion Laws Loophole
The government didn’t have the votes to pass a controversial bill in Karnataka. So it found another way.
Indian Christians Discuss Different Reports on Persecution
Evangelical Fellowship of India panel responds to Pew research as annual tally of religious freedom violations gets released.
Nepal Churches Struggle to Serve as COVID-19 Kills 100+ Pastors
Amid a second wave of infections, Christian leaders wrestle with leadership vacuum and how openly to raise funds to aid neighbors under a suspicious government.
Pew: What India’s Christians, Hindus, Muslims and More Think About Religion
(UPDATED) Pew surveys 30,000 Indians across 6 faiths and 17 languages and finds support for tolerance yet also segregation.
The World’s Biggest Christmas Tree Hasn’t Helped Sri Lankan Christians
Attacks on minority faiths keep increasing in the majority-Buddhist island nation.