January 2010

Ur Video: NT Wright on HellSubscriber Access Only
The Bishop of Durham kicks off our new series on eternal damnation.
What's Changing, What's NotSubscriber Access Only
The trends that will be impacting your ministry in the year ahead.
The Future of Short-Term MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Where is the movement right now? Where does it need to go?
Catalyst One Day- ChicagoSubscriber Access Only
Sign-up before Thursday for a discounted rate.
The Leadership TriangleSubscriber Access Only
Learn how to solve the three kinds of problems your church faces.
Ur Cartoon: Rebuke SomeoneSubscriber Access Only
A classic Leadership cartoon by Erik and Vicki Johnson.
5 Things to Love About the Emerging ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Bob Hyatt's eulogy for a departed movement.
A Tried-and-True StrategySubscriber Access Only
Those who desire to make a difference in children's lives would be wise to look to the example of a young queen named Esther.
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