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Daily Humiliations

In times of humiliation, leaders can learn the generosity of God.

I have the impression that God knows the importance of humility for [us]. He knows our weakness, our pride, and he purposely sets in our path each day four or five humiliations, and in the course of our life, four or five great humiliations. If we do not comprehend them, if we do not accept them, it is a serious matter. But if we accept them, then we learn the generosity of God – Dom Helder Camara

All ministry is humbling. Done right, as St. Paul implies, we will exercise ministry as "fools for Christ's sake." In an increasingly post-Christian context, what we do in the name of Christ as ministers of his gospel will look more and more like foolishness to others. St Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians of just that. Given the current wisdom of the world, what could be more foolish than proclaiming: "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again."

And such foolishness leads us, by intention or not, to the occasional humiliation, at least by human standards. We should not seek out humiliation, ...

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