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Pastors Share Post-Election Sermon Plans
How will pastors respond to the re-election of President Barack Obama this Sunday?
The Slow, Steady Salary Climb
Church pay shows signs of recovery. But will the new housing allowance ruling and rising healthcare costs offset gains?
Creation by Subtraction
Be thankful you’ve lost much of your mind since your youth.
Eugene Cho: Why I Am Stepping Down as Pastor of Quest Church
“I don’t feel burned out, but I am realizing my limitations.”
The Peculiar Tale of an Anglican-Baptist Church Plant
Why would two distinctly different denominations work together? And what have they learned?
What’s Next for the Multisite Church?
In a short time, one church in multiple locations has become a new normal. A pioneer of the model predicts where it’s headed.
Finding the Right Fit
How can the ministry hiring process better serve employers and job-seekers?
Searching for the Lost Generation
You Lost Me. Live! shows the tough road ahead for churches trying to reclaim prodigal Millennials.
Gray Matters
The brains behind our personalities.
The Most Interesting Theologians in the World
Stay doctrinal, my friends...