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NYC Churches Respond to Hurricane Sandy
New York churches find ways to serve the victims despite their own losses.
The New Ministry Dictionary (#2)
A lexicon for state-of-the-art ministerial conversation.
Our Not-so-great Debates
Can the hope of Easter quell Christian Quarreling?
Four Ways to Boost Year-End Giving
Tap into your congregation’s generosity now so you can finish strong.
Life in the Cauldron
Meet the hearty tenants of Yellowstone’s deadly hot springs.
The Pastoral Skill We Must Reclaim
Author Paul Pastor talks Christian formation in the Information Age.
The Just Church by Jim Martin (Tyndale, 2012)
A Leadership Journal review
'Nones' Are Your Business
A review of 'The Rise of the Nones' by James Emery White
CT Pastors’ Top 17 Articles of 2017
This year’s best practical solutions and stories of ministry failure, temptation, and encouragement.