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Iraqi Christians Celebrate Saddam's Capture
Chaldean Christian communities in the U.S. call arrest a Christmas present
Has Emergent Emerged?
"More Christmas stories, China prepares for Christmas and demolishes churches, as well as Christians in Iraq, Anglicans in New Westminster, The Blind Boys of Alabama and articles from online sources around the world"
"Weblog: Communion Impaired, Not Broken, Say Conservative Anglican Primates"
Supreme Court turns down Roy Moore's Commandments appeal
Mass. Gay Marriage Without Marriage?
"13 churches in Nigeria destroyed, Chinese Christians with Bibles sent to labor camps, Vietnam outraged at EU report on religious repression"
Pre-Weblog: Early Responses to the Anglican Primates' Statement
Both sides seem happy as the Episcopal Church USA promises to go ahead with its gay bishop ordination
Fools' Gold
Christians lured into buying 'rare' coins.
Alistair Begg—Pastor, Movie Star
When the Bible and pastors go hip.
Five Baghdad Churches Bombed
More Christians are expected to flee the country as their numbers continue to decrease.
God Save the British
American Christians have learned much—and have much still to learn—from their British counterparts.
Why You Won't Like Turkish Delight As Much As Edmund Did
Though sales are up in the U.K., no one thinks the exotic, rose-flavored candy will catch on in the U.S.
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