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August 7 1987, 1987
Volume 31, Number 11
August 7
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Cover Stories

High-Risk Ministry
AIDS, the new plague, will increasingly draw on the compassion of our churches. Here are four that have learned how to respond.
Choices in Plague Time
Within a few years, every American will know someone with AIDS. This physician has already faced the dilemmas.
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Decadence American Style
Whatever happened to our concern for the common good?
Gray Matters
Paul’s statements about stumbling blocks and weaker brethren have triggered much discussion—and dissension.
When the Dream Child Dies
The pain of infertility causes much hidden grief in our churches.
Will Pat Run?
Robertson’s Christian television network faces the fallout from his possible presidential bid.
Rumors of Peace
The ‘war’ in the nation’s largest Protestant denomination is over, but tensions remain.
Reaching Baby Boomers in Southern California
A marketing consultant forms a church without, ‘organ music, offering plates, or narrow thinking.’