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October 7 1996, 1996
Volume 40, Number 11
October 7
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Cover Story

Why the Devil takes VISA
A Christian response to the triumph of consumerism.
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The Oprahcizing of American Politics
Like everything else in our culture, the political process has been turned into a consumer commodity.
One Lord, One Faith, One Voice?
A forum on the limits of politics and a search for common ground.
The Mennonites' Dirty Little Secret
What Christians could learn from Menno Simons and how he rescued the Anabaptist movement.
Palette of Forgiveness
Betraying the Reformation?
Two responses to R. C. Sproul's critical assessment of the ecumenical document "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."
Surprised by Zoe
Max De Pree marvels at the frailty-and wonder-of his granddaughter's life.
John Leo’s Counterpunch Morality
Counterpunch Morality: How columnist John Leo challenges the moral assumptions of the cultured elite.
Candidates Court Family Values Vote
Will evangelicals tip the scales in the presidential race?
Democrats Eye Recapturing Congress
RFRA: Cases Test Religious Freedom Limits
New Cases Test Limits of Religious Freedom
Too Holy for the World Too Worldly for the Church?
Christian alternative bands look for a home.
CBS Sends Mixed Signals
CBS Sends Mixed Signals, Critics Say
RCA Rebukes Pastor, Church
RCA Rebukes Pastor, Church
Leading Church Leaves Association
Leading Church Leaves Association
Leader Dismissed Over Book Profits
Leader Dismissed Over Book Profits
Persecuted Convert Flees to America
Muslim Convert Hussein Flees Kuwait for United States
Spain: Evangelicals Weary of 'Cult' Label
Evangelicals Weary of Religious 'Cult' Label
Crusades: Christians Apologize for Ancient Wrongs
Christians Retrace Crusaders' Steps
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Overseas Justice Ministry Launched
Overseas Justice Ministry Launched
First Woman, Layperson Elected Chair
First Woman, Layperson Elected Chair
The Other Great Commission
We have no mandate to "Christianize" the United States.