The Magazine

August 11 , 1997
Volume 41, Number 9
August 11
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Table of Contents
Witnessing to the Jews is nonnegotiable.
We live in a wildly pluralistic society.
The battle for a denomination's soul.
The creative ministry of Casas por Cristo is bringing togetherAnglo, Latino pastors.
Two books highlight why Billy Graham is the 'man of thecentury.'
And not forgetting epigonation.
Would your congregation want this apostle to be its pastor?
Copts thrive in the face of bloody carnage, legal restraint, anddiscrimination.
After "Boerne v Flores," a fight over what's next: Federal laws, state laws, or a consitutional amendment.
"It's heresy to tell believers not to cite their Bibles," the station manager fumed.
A forum on why and how we should save denominations.
How a lieutenant in the Moral Majority rediscovered the power of the local church.
Apology Follows Hanegraaff Attack
Firefighting Pastor in Hot Water
Leaders Criticize Supreme Court
Same-Sex Rites Cause Campus Stir
Presbyterian Groups Sever CRC Ties
Religious Freedom Faces Cutback
Top Story June 20, 2018
The God Who Overpowers Childhood Trauma
The God Who Overpowers Childhood Trauma
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