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May 18 , 1998
Volume 42, Number 6
May 18
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Table of Contents
A window on the Greek Christian world-and a model for contemporary theology and biblical study.
How colleges-not excluding Christian schools-have been shaped by market forces.
David Neff, Executive Editor
Newspaper expose finds the promise of some child-sponsorship programs falls short.
Antischool-prayer crusaders cite a 50-year-old case in resisting the proposed Religious Freedom Amendment.
New information-age strategy enables stations to compete with secular counterparts.
Instead of folding, the church should be upping the ante
How a workaholic jock and insensitive husband became the nation's leading Promise Keeper.
With $4 million in donations, Promise Keepers recalls its staff—for now.
That hate mail really gave me a first glimpse of the seething giant of racism lurking within the Christian church.
How Mississippi's Bible Belt succumbed so quickly and so completely to the gambling industry.
Despite the murders of 120 church leaders, Christians are fighting for peace in one of the world's most violent nations.
When Jesus had said this, as they were watching, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.—Acts 1:9, NRSV
Lifting manhole covers and crawling inside is a first step in a Romanian ministry's gritty outreach.
Many faiths, not just ours, hold quite specific doctrines and stand at firm disagreement with one another.
The pope's chief doctrinal officer has always been in dialogue with the Reformation traditions. Now he reveals his vision for Christianity in the new millennium.
All those who take up the daunting task of Bible translation step into a force field of tension.
Falwell Denounces Operation Rescue
Bankruptcy Exemption Progresses
Leaders Retain 'Chastity' Vow
Top Story July 19, 2018
Unfriending Convenience
Unfriending Convenience
Why Christians are called to inefficiency in an age of easy living.