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October 26 1998, 1998
Volume 42, Number 12
October 26
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Cover Story

The Pursuing Father
What we need to know about this often misunderstood Middle Eastern parable.
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Native Christians Reclaim Worship
Goats Make Holiday Gift Lists
Bill Would Limit Lethal Drugs
Lyons Retains Post Despite Fraud Charges Adultery
Spurning Lady Luck
Churches reject funds tainted by gambling.
Famine Toll Exceeds 1 Million
More than a million people have died in North Korea during three years of floods and drought.
Turning Back the Clock
Non-Orthodox Christians have less religious freedom than a year ago.
Fighting for Fairness
Does religion in schools favor Catholics?
The President’s Small Group
Turning your life around is not a do-it-yourself project.
A Restoration Project
The Clumsy Embrace
Croatian Miroslav Volf wanted to love his Serbian enemies; the Prodigal's father is showing him how.
The Other Brother Had a Point
What kind of world would this be if people were rewarded for squandering their families' inheritance?
Rejecting the Prodigal
The early church debated whether apostate Christians could be forgiven again.
The Missing Mother
When my prodigal son left our world, it sent me on a sojourn as well.
Wild Card Election
The Clinton factor and tensions with the GOP test the mettle of religious conservatives.
Israel’s Holocaust
A Jewish rabbi asks: Why shouldn't abortion in Israel be compared to the mass murder of Jewish children in Hitler's Europe?
Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
The surprisingly relevant advice of a Dutch statesman for engaging postmodern culture.
Veils, Kisses, and Biblical Commands
The temptation is to appeal to "common sense" as to what is time-bound and what is not.
Moms in the Crossfire
Moms absorb insanely conflicted messages about what they should or should not do.
Stumped by Repentance
A dying Nazi asked concentration-camp inmate Simon Wiesenthal for forgiveness—and so he asks us, What would you have said?
This Present Biopolitical Darkness
In a society strongly marked by "rights" rather than social obligation, everything becomes negotiable.
What’s a Heaven For?
Lewis saw belief in heaven not as wishful thinking, but as thoughtful wishing.