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April 5 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 4
April 5
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Cover Story

Hungry for God
Why more and more Christians are fasting for revival.
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What Would J. Christy Wilson Do?
National Baptists' Lyons Convicted
Y2K Boon to Missionary Supplier
State Capitol Rallies Scrubbed
School Permits Abstinence Choice
Besieged President Resigns
Church Members Seek Asylum
First Messianic Synagogue Built
The Selling of 'Miracle City'
NAE Selects New President
Family Films Make Big Money
Not a Fast Fix
It's hard to fast, and even harder to do it for the right reasons.
Outside the Gate Outsider artists interpret the cross.
Outsider artists interpret the cross.
How Green Is Easter?
Celebration of Jesus' resurrection is more than being glad about the return of spring.
Not Your Father's Evangelist
Franklin Graham has been groomed to wear his father's mantle. How does it fit?
Angel in the Pulpit
Though she eschews the title, even her father says that daughter Anne Graham Lotz is the best preacher in the family.
Truth and Consequences in South Africa
A PBS documentary asks what the Truth and Reconciliation Commission achieved.
Jesus Wasn’t a Pluralist
When I debate defenders of homosexuality, I am often accused of being exclusive in a way that Jesus wasn't.
Did God Die on the Cross?
As Jesus' life was a divine person's totally human life, so his dying was a divine person's totally human death.
The Last Good War
Three "Best Picture" nominations ask why we fight.
Sword Drills and Stained Glass
What children really learn in Sunday school.
The Last Deist
We need more than a just watchmaker who winds up the universe and lets it tick.