Mike Trout says he resigned from focus because of extramarital relationship

Mike Trout, co-host of "Focus on the Family" with Dr. James Dobson for the last 15 years, says the reason he abruptly resigned from the organization was because of an "emotional" relationship with another married woman. "I'm greatly saddened," Trout told The (Colorado Springs)Gazette. "I didn't work at Focus on the Family for 19 years because of the paycheck or the benefits or the positive environment. I worked at Focus on the Family because I believed in what we were doing. I know that might sound strange, because I violated it." The relationship, he says, is over, was "not a long-term thing," and was not with another Focus employee. Trout told Dobson, and is now telling others, about the relationship and resigned immediately, he says, because "If I hadn't shared the truth, it would have eventually come out." In his interview with the paper, he was also quick to distance his troubles from his former organization. "As people think about this situation, reflect on me, don't reflect on Focus on the Family," he said. "This is exactly what I described it as—a personal problem, not a corporate problem. This is a cancer in my own life, not in the ministry of Focus on the Family." The Associated Press story appearing in several newspapers this morning merely summarizes The Gazette's article. Christianity Today's earlier coverage of Trout's resignation includes comments Dobson made on his Focus on the Family broadcast, as well as more links to Trout-related material. Charles Swindoll suffers heart attack Charles Swindoll, president of Dallas Theological Seminary, had a mild heart attack Saturday. "Doctors say it looks like there was no permanent ...

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